Where Are You Getting Your Birth Announcements?

birth announcements

Photo by jandyrodax

I love getting birth announcements in the mail. Even though in most cases I've already heard the good news and know the baby name the parents have picked, it's so much fun to get the card and see it all in print, usually with an accompanying pic.

Lots of discussion about where to get them pops up in the Pregnancy group; here are two places CafeMoms recommend.


Where to get birth announcements:

Snapfish -- Many moms use this site; a set of 20 cards with envelopes is about $15.

Walmart.com -- Upload your photo and order online, then have them sent to your local store at no additional charge. A set of 24 cards with envelopes is about $25.

When should you send them out?

Moms said it's best to do when the baby is still new, so get announcements in the mail just a few days after the birth if you can -- but anytime in the first few weeks is fine, too.

And here are 10 more ideas on birth announcements (including etsy, tinyprints, combining it with a holiday card, and more.)

Of course you can choose to skip sending them -- one mom said she preferred to have her mom, dad, or MIL announce a birth to friends and family via phone call.

Are you sending out birth announcements, or did you? Where are you getting them from? Share your ideas with other moms!

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