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pregnant without insurance I just read that medical costs for an uncomplicated pregnancy and childbirth average about $7,600 per woman, according to a federal Health and Human Services study. The information was part of an article in the New York Daily News last week about a New York State Medicaid program that helps local women who are pregnant and unemployed. It's called the Prenatal Care Assistance Program (PCAP.)

The possibility of a lost job in today's economy is scary and real, and it can also mean losing your health insurance. I just came across an Anonymous mom who's in this boat -- and she's far from alone. About 13% of women who become pregnant each year are uninsured.

Here are some tips from CafeMoms and from the American Pregnancy Association on what to look into if you're one of them.

Tips from CafeMoms:

I have pregnancy Medicaid and if you're been laid off, you probably qualify, too. -- Jamie8788

I live in Texas, and my husband made too much for the kids to qualify but since I was pregnant, I automatically qualified. The baby was covered for a year, too. -- Jan40

I used a combination of insurance and Medicaid -- I had no out-of-pocket expenses. I applied for mine through the health department in my city. You could try that or your local department of children and family services. -- takedatath

Info from the APA on being pregnant and uninsured:

Government Programs

Medicaid -- It's a state-run program that's federally funded and offers assistance for low-income families and individuals. To locate an office near you, go to the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services.

Options vary by state, too, so check with your local department of health at Health Departments by State.

WIC -- A federal agency that helps women, infants, and children under the age of five.

Health Care Discount Programs

These are alternatives to traditional health insurance - two include Maternity Advantage and AmeriPlan.

Other options for managing costs

Contact the hospital where you'll be delivering to ask about setting up a payment plan or if they offer a sliding scale of payment.

If you're having a low-risk pregnancy, consider delivering at a birthing center -- costs are often half of what they are at a hospital, and some offer payment plans or accept Medicaid.

Are you pregnant and uninsured? How are you managing the costs?

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mrssu... mrssundin

i was in the uninsured club twice, because of not being able to get any help while pregnant to see the doctor i ended up abrupting at 24 weeks and had my daughter who stated in the nicu for 8 months.  because the bill was going to be so much the state did a spin down and we qualified for insurance.  with my last baby i had insurance for one visit and then we could no longer afford it because of the economy and i had my son at 31 weeks due to him being in distress.  the government then did another spin down and we qualified again.  but if they had other plans for those who barley make over the limit then these thing would probably not have happened.

Missi... Missi_Me530

I was pregnant with twins with no medical insurance.  I paid out of pocket for my care up until a week before my twins were born and medi-cal kicked in.  We were prepared to pay for the whole thing, until we found out it was twins and it became a high risk pregnancy. 

MoonL... MoonLover06

It's so sad about the cost of prenatal care here in the US.  In other developed countries it costs less and they have better quality of care.  I recommend that someone looks into a birth center or a homebirth midwife.  They cost less but they are usually much more thourough than a OB.

emslala emslala

I went to a freestanding birthing center. I have insurance, but they have a payment program for those that don't. It's only $3100. That includes all routine lab work, all prenatal visits, the birth, and 3 postpartum mom & baby checkups. Considering what you would pay in a hospital, it's a total bargain! And as moonlover06 said, it's better quality of care too- much more personalized, IMO.   :)

mom0f... mom0f2boyz

I am currently uninsured and just found out i am 11 weeks preganant. I absolutely dont know what to do, they say my hubby makes too much money, and we simply cant afford independant health care, I applied for preganant medicaid, and have been waiting on a response for a few weeks now. I really hope I qualify, b/c the OB that delivered my last son, wont see me unless I cough up almost 3000 upfront. its scarey..I need prenatal care soon.

athenax3 athenax3

I'm there now, just found out I'm pregnant and I'm uninsured, we make too much to qualify for medicaid for the whole family - but they put me on temp. medicaid through our local womens clinic, which will probably eventually put me on a sliding scale, which is fine, they'll charge what I can afford and I will feel good about contributing to a facility that is helping me and many other mothers in our community- plus, I won't go to the doc too much- I am healthy and have had three prior worry free, perfectly normal pregnancies, so I'm going to do the bare minimum of doctor appointments.

athenax3 athenax3

momof2boyz- do you have a womens health clinic in your area? Or a county health department? Generally they will see you immediately and help you find programs you qualify for or put you on a sliding scale based on your households income.

Heath... Heather881029

I am currently pregnant with twins and have no insurance.  I was just added to my husbands health plan Jan. 1 and they denied the pregnancy as pre-existing because we conceived prior to the date I was added to the policy, so now we are waiting to see if we qualify for Medicaid.   I have not been able to find a midwife locally so I am stuck with OB care and extreme expenses as I have already had 3 ultrasounds at just 14 weeks.

Jason... JasonsMom2007

I had insurance for my pregnancy but it was still expensive.  We were told we would have to pay up to $10,000 for the prenatal care and birth.  I found a program (through the county health department) called AIM (Access for Infants and Mothers).  It is for middle income women who do not qualify for Medicaid.  Your deductable on your insurance must be more than $400.  You pay based on a sliding scale.  We ended up paying $400 despite the emergency C-section followed by complications (a serious infection for me, jaundice for my son, and 6 days in the hospital)!  Then my son was automatically enrolled in healthy families.  I am so thankful for these programs!

rayel... rayelinsragz

Oh I so agree with the programs being available out there for women. I got laid off right after I found out about my son (go figure) and had no insurance and could not get hired anywhere due to being pregnant. If it wasn't for medicaid I don't know what I would have done. My bills from the first visit to the stay at the hospital was about 25 grand (c-section with a private room for 5 days-it was the only available room).

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