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I was sort of casually looking for a job while pregnant, and I ended up being offered one -- but I wasn't showing when it happened. I'm not sure how things might have played out differently if I'd been 7 months along like amanda357. She's a divorced single mama of three and she's been out there looking for a job while sporting a noticeable baby bump. It hasn't been easy -- and the recession is no help to pregnant women in search of a job -- but she's got a good attitude (and an upcoming tax refund) to help her along.

Here's her story, plus some tips on searching for a job with a bun in the oven.

looking for a job while pregnant

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So tell me about yourself and your family.

I'm Amanda and I have three children, ages 5, 6 and 9, and I'm 28 weeks pregnant. We live in the midwest but we're planning on moving to the south.

How long have you been looking for work?

Four months.

What was your situation before pregnancy? Were you working or at home with the kids?

I've been working full time for two years and I just graduated college so I'm looking for a job in my new field. I had been doing reception work, but now I'm a Certified Dental Assistant.

What has it been like looking for a job while pregnant?

Very tough, almost impossible.

What kind of reception are you getting?

Almost none at all. I either get no calls or, when they do call, I tell them I'm pregnant and then I hear nothing back.

Are you still looking or have you put things on hold?

I've decided to put things on hold until the baby is born.

How will you make things work with no income?

Luckily, I'm receiving a very nice tax refund which should keep us afloat for the next couple of months. That, and I'm using my savings to cover rent, utilities, etc.

What kinds of changes have you had to make for your family while you're not working?

I just watch what I spend my money on. And no birthday parties this year. :-(

How are you feeling about things, knowing that a baby is coming soon?

My life will be turned upside down having four kids on my own and looking for a new job. I honestly try not to think about it or I get too stressed out.

Do you have insurance? Do you have to worry about labor and delivery costs?

My children and I all receive Medicaid, so my delivery will be covered. As soon as the baby is here, Medicaid will drop for me but it will continue for my kids. I'll then be uninsured until I find another job.

So you may be finding that new job in the south -- is the move for better job prospects?

We'll head south because of the warmer weather and the fact that the pay for my field is higher there.


If you're looking for a job while PG, here are some tips from Savvy Sugar to keep in mind:

-- You aren't legally required to tell employers that you are pregnant, and they aren't allowed to inquire.

-- If you've already been out in the work force and have good experience to offer, you may have an easier time and it might be worthwhile to go ahead and look now. If you're just finishing up school and will be looking for an entry-level job, you may end up postponing your search, as those spots are easier to fill.

-- Different states have different laws, and employers differ, too. If you've only been someplace for a few months before having the baby, you may not be entitled to some sort of paid or unpaid leave.

-- You'll have less time to research the job market and work on your resume once the baby is here, so use your time wisely now!

And some tips compiled from CafeMoms, too:

-- Try getting a job someplace where your status before or after baby might even be a plus -- a maternity shop, kids' clothing store, or Gymboree.

-- If you have the energy, consider watching children in your home for extra cash -- the moms will bring the kids to you, so you don't have to travel for work.

-- If you aren't showing yet, just don't mention it!

-- It may be harder to find a "professional" job while PG -- maybe think about retail or working in a fast food restaurant instead.

-- Several moms did find a job while pregnant and said if you really want or need the job, then go for it. It can't hurt to try!

Have you ever looked for a job while pregnant? What happened?

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redhe... redheadmommy78

I was looking for part time work when pregnant.  I felt I needed to tell the employer, I did not get any calls back.  I looked for part time office work and retail work.  No one wanted to hire me.  I finally did give up once I reached 5 months.  I will continue my search after the baby is born. 

tflo76 tflo76

I was laid off the end of Dec, 2008 so I've been out of a job for a few months now.  I am currently 26 weeks pregnant and am having no luck finding a job. To get by, I have been selling Discovery Toys for additional income and also my husband and I have created some designs for products for sale on Am I allowed to advertise on here? If so - our website is, and if you're interested in Discovery Toys, please email me at  Anyhow, that's not the only reason I'm posting, I just realized that I am not the only one out there who is pregnant and without a job. I love the time off since I have a son who will be 2 next month, and I get to spend much more time with him, but when those bills keep coming in, it can really stress a girl out - not good for a high risk pregnancy like me!   I had a check up yesterday and the Dr. told me he would have taken me off of work anyhow, so I guess I would have been in the same situation even if I wasn't laid off. I just wish EDD worked a little faster!  Good luck to all you other expectant mommies in search of employment!!!

mrssc... mrsschimmel

I am trying the discovery toy also but many things get in my way like health and my pregnancy.  i am trying to find other work that wouldn't cause more problems with my health and it doesn't work.  I even advertise for the toys in the paper and then I got hospitalized for almost three weeks.  I am getting very frustrated because I have to live with a person who is a cheats on me and the girl and I am unhealthy with no work.  There are so many places having problems that no where is really hiring that I can work.  I am a high risk pregnancy also.

Princ... PrincessDK

I was looking for, and accepted, a new job when I was pregnant with both my children. With my son (1st), I accepted the job while I was not showing. I did not tell anyone either until after 5 1/2 months. However, the staff (and my boss) already knew by looking at my tummy (I was naive, but anyone who has had children can spot a baby bump no matter how small,... and now so can I). With my daughter (2nd) I was well into my second trimester when I interviewed and accepted the new job. I had a bump, but hid it well with the "Tummy Sleeve" - you can find this at Destination Maternity ( I also purchased a little more expensive maternity clothing that looked professional, but featured straight down style shirts (so no "balloon out" baby-doll style) and pants that did not have the pull-up tummy, just an elastic waistline. Most of my clothes were black or gray: it helped to hide everything. I also walked away from my desk carrying things for the longest time - it helped to "confuse" anyone looking b/c they wouldn't get a clear picture.  In both cases, when I announced my pregnancy, people were happy - then again, and remember this always, anything other than "happiness" by a co-worker or manager can easily be construed as harassment or discrimination. No one wants to go near HR issues with pregnant women, so if you can get your foot in the door, then you've passed the hardest part.


For those of you who are looking for work and not finding anything...  I have a home business and I work almost exclusively with Moms!!!  I would love to talk with you and tell you more about working from home with our team.  Visit my website at  If you decide to request information, I promise, no one but me will ever see it.  I will call you back and we can determine if you are right for my team.  All requests will be contacted personally.  Please include a valid phone number and email address if you are serious about wanting to work from home earn supplemental or replacement income.

furyw... furywife27

Im 26 wk and was laid off when I was 8wks because I was pregnant.  Legally  companys can't do that . I'm fighting this .  Right now Im waiting till after the baby to look for work.

angelmf angelmf

I am sorry that finding a job is difficult especially while pregnant. It must be tough. What I have found is that being an Independent Consultant is an awesome way to bring in money on your own time as long as it's with a product/company you love. I am able to stay at home with my 3 kids. Honestly, in hard times like a recession Direct Sales is the best place to be! Good luck!

Ryeli... RyeliesMommy

I was laid off when I was 9 weeks pregnant. I have been interviewing like crazy while I am not showing. However no luck. I have decided to still send out resumes and all but not to stress on it. It will only make me more stressed and sick. We are surving on my unemployment, and my husbands ft job. I plan to go back to work after the baby is born. My daughter (2) is loving all her mommy time right now. As for my husband he is loving all the betty crockerness I have been venturing into.

Candl... CandleMommy09

I can definitely sympathize with those who are looking for work and pregnant.  I am currently 7 mos preggo and I was dealing with the same thing.  I have to say that my saving grace has been PartyLite.  I started up with the company out of curiosity and a love (or guilty pleasure) of shopping.  I know from personal experience that starting a home business is scary and many are skeptical about doing it, because I was one of those people.  However, this turned out to be a fun and positive experience.  I get to choose when I work and I can make good money WITHOUT having to spend my money to do it.  I started the business for free and got to shop for stuff I wanted.  I only spend money on things I want.  It's really nice.  I have to say it is one of the big blessings for this time in my life.  My husband had just left me and I have a young daughter in 1st grade, and now with another bundle of joy on the way I really needed the income.  Things really fell into place. 

Plus with this job I am still able to spend time with my daughter and finish school too.  So overall, I am a full-time mother and student, separated from hubby, work part time but make good money, and still have my sanity!

If anyone is interested in some info feel free to email and I will personally get some information for you. 

nonmember avatar Sheaunna

I am very nervous about being able to provide for my baby for the next year. I wasn't able to work for the past year because I was doing my internship for college. I just graduated college, but am now nearing the end of my 2nd trimester and showing. Every where I have interviewed at seems interested, but then they never call back and when I visit they say something like I'm too experianced, or their positions are filled, etc. ect; however, I've NEVER had difficulty finding a job before (even in the rough economy). My husband is already working full time while in school full time. My student loan payments will be coming up shortly after the baby is born. I don't know what to do and it's stressing me out.

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