Getting By: Looking for a Job While Pregnant

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I was sort of casually looking for a job while pregnant, and I ended up being offered one -- but I wasn't showing when it happened. I'm not sure how things might have played out differently if I'd been 7 months along like amanda357. She's a divorced single mama of three and she's been out there looking for a job while sporting a noticeable baby bump. It hasn't been easy -- and the recession is no help to pregnant women in search of a job -- but she's got a good attitude (and an upcoming tax refund) to help her along.

Here's her story, plus some tips on searching for a job with a bun in the oven.

looking for a job while pregnant

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So tell me about yourself and your family.

I'm Amanda and I have three children, ages 5, 6 and 9, and I'm 28 weeks pregnant. We live in the midwest but we're planning on moving to the south.

How long have you been looking for work?

Four months.

What was your situation before pregnancy? Were you working or at home with the kids?

I've been working full time for two years and I just graduated college so I'm looking for a job in my new field. I had been doing reception work, but now I'm a Certified Dental Assistant.

What has it been like looking for a job while pregnant?

Very tough, almost impossible.

What kind of reception are you getting?

Almost none at all. I either get no calls or, when they do call, I tell them I'm pregnant and then I hear nothing back.

Are you still looking or have you put things on hold?

I've decided to put things on hold until the baby is born.

How will you make things work with no income?

Luckily, I'm receiving a very nice tax refund which should keep us afloat for the next couple of months. That, and I'm using my savings to cover rent, utilities, etc.

What kinds of changes have you had to make for your family while you're not working?

I just watch what I spend my money on. And no birthday parties this year. :-(

How are you feeling about things, knowing that a baby is coming soon?

My life will be turned upside down having four kids on my own and looking for a new job. I honestly try not to think about it or I get too stressed out.

Do you have insurance? Do you have to worry about labor and delivery costs?

My children and I all receive Medicaid, so my delivery will be covered. As soon as the baby is here, Medicaid will drop for me but it will continue for my kids. I'll then be uninsured until I find another job.

So you may be finding that new job in the south -- is the move for better job prospects?

We'll head south because of the warmer weather and the fact that the pay for my field is higher there.


If you're looking for a job while PG, here are some tips from Savvy Sugar to keep in mind:

-- You aren't legally required to tell employers that you are pregnant, and they aren't allowed to inquire.

-- If you've already been out in the work force and have good experience to offer, you may have an easier time and it might be worthwhile to go ahead and look now. If you're just finishing up school and will be looking for an entry-level job, you may end up postponing your search, as those spots are easier to fill.

-- Different states have different laws, and employers differ, too. If you've only been someplace for a few months before having the baby, you may not be entitled to some sort of paid or unpaid leave.

-- You'll have less time to research the job market and work on your resume once the baby is here, so use your time wisely now!

And some tips compiled from CafeMoms, too:

-- Try getting a job someplace where your status before or after baby might even be a plus -- a maternity shop, kids' clothing store, or Gymboree.

-- If you have the energy, consider watching children in your home for extra cash -- the moms will bring the kids to you, so you don't have to travel for work.

-- If you aren't showing yet, just don't mention it!

-- It may be harder to find a "professional" job while PG -- maybe think about retail or working in a fast food restaurant instead.

-- Several moms did find a job while pregnant and said if you really want or need the job, then go for it. It can't hurt to try!

Have you ever looked for a job while pregnant? What happened?

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