What's the One Thing You *Really* Want for Your Baby?

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Photo by Mommy.Megs

When we were expecting our first baby, I really wanted a sling. I'm not sure why, but I just felt that if I had a sling to put that baby in, I'd be able to figure things out. Maybe it's because my partner was carrying the baby, and I felt that wearing our son would help the two of us bond physically.

We registered for a sling, but didn't get it, so we went out and bought one ourselves.


I know bam61907, the mama-to-be I profile in the Weekly Pregnancy Calendar, just got an amazing gift -- her in-laws bought furniture for the nursery for their granddaughter. That's a big-ticket item, and I know she was grateful and excited about it.

RanaAurora has mentioned a couple of times around Daily Buzz recently that she really wants a glider for baby #2 -- I hope you find a way to get it, girl!

Of course in this recession, we have to pick and choose the things we want, whether we're trying to find a way to buy them ourselves or we've put them on a carefully thought out registry. We may not get everything we'd ideally like to have, but if we can just get the few things we think we'll really need....

So, tell me -- what's the one thing you really, really want for the baby you've got on the way?

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