7 Pregnancy Power Foods

pregnancy super foods power foods

Pregnant moms hear a lot about what not to eat or drink while expecting, but here's a list of pregnancy super-foods I just came across, courtesy of The Mommy Files on SFGate.com.

Some are surprising. Here's the list.


7 Pregnancy Super-Foods (from Lia Haskin Fernald at UC Berkeley's School of Public Health)

1. Sardines -- Huh? Yeah. This "health food in a can" is packed with omega-3's, which are good for baby's brain and eye development. And unlike big fish from the ocean, they're low in mercury. How to eat: Get the ones packed in olive or sardine oil and try them tossed in a salad or on a cracker spread with spicy mustard.

2. Frozen wild blueberries -- They're not in season until late summer, but, frozen, they retain most of their nutritional bonuses. Go for wild if you can, because they contain twice as many antioxidants. How to eat: Add them to yogurt and top with chopped almonds.

3. Swiss chard -- Leafy greens, yum! Don't know about you, but this one I was happy to see on the list. It's loaded with beta carotene, which is good for baby's cell and tissue development and immune system. Also a great source of vitamin C. How to eat: Chop finely then sautee in olive oil, or toss into vegetable soup.

4. Spelt -- OK, this one I may have a harder time getting behind, I mean, I never eat spelt, but.... It's similar to wheat but easier to digest and very high in fiber, which is good for preggo constipation issues. How to eat: Cooked and mixed with steamed veggies. Bread baked with spelt flour will do the trick, too.

5. Kidney beans -- Packed with protein, fiber, antioxidants, and iron -- and less expensive than meat. How to eat: Mix into a soup or toss into a salad.

6. Sesame seeds -- They have lots of calcium, which is key for baby's bone development. How to eat: Sprinkle them over a stir-fry or add them to yogurt.

7. Plain yogurt -- An excellent source of calcium and protein. Fernald says to go for brands labeled "live cultures" -- they contain healthy bacteria that will help with your digestion. How to eat: Fruit-flavored yogurts contain lots of sugar; better to sweeten the plain with honey or fresh fruit.

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What's your favorite go-to, healthy pregnancy food?

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