Trying to Conceive: How Much Sex Should You Have?


trying to conceive how often to have sex

Is too much of a good thing even better?

Baby-making sex can be tricky for all of the TTC mamas I know -- when, how, and how much are all questions that, um, come to mind. I did a post recently about timing, and how important it is to understand when you're ovulating.

Now here's the low-down on how often to do the deed.

According to a good sex-ed for baby-making article on conceiveonline, too much of a good thing isn't necessarily better when you're trying to get pregnant. If a man ejaculates too often, his semen may be diluted, causing sperm counts go down.

As a doc in the piece notes, "The ability to ejaculate and the ability to ejaculate high-quality sperm are two different concepts entirely."

OK, good to know.

On the countering side, there's no benefit to your guy waiting for a week or two to ejaculate, either, in hopes that his sperm will be rendered uber-strong by showing restraint. Waiting just makes the sperm older and less capable of speedily swimming their way up to your egg.

So, what's the ideal?

Most experts recommend having sex every other day to achieve maximum potency.

If you're trying to conceive, how often are you and your partner having sex? And how are you keeping the baby-making sex fresh? Or, are you?

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mmj1983 mmj1983

We have been trying to conceive for a few mths now. I started having prego signs about three weeks ago. On the 10th i had a brownish discharge, later that day i started spotting ( very light pink). on the 11th my period started. Could i be prego or is it just me. I have had tender breast and nausa and vomitting for a little over three weeks.Ive take two HPT on the 9th and on the 10th both neg. please help.

busyi... busyizzybsmom

We tried for 2 years before getting pg with this one, and all I can say is that it was the month that we took it easy that we finally got pregnant. We'd been having sex 5-6 times a week around ovulation, and then that month we only did it maybe 3-4 times that week. I'm not going to say that that is the sole reason why we got pg that month, but I definitely think it was a contributing factor!

May-20 May-20

Both of my kidlets were TTC babies. With DD, we didn't do much of anything differently, and we got pregnant the 2nd month we tried. With DS, though, I kept track of my cycle for several months before we began, and the week I was to ovulate, we did it every other day. 1st month of active trying with him.

I know I'm one of the lucky ones here, but the every other day thing is the best advice I've heard for normal TTC couples.

1stti... 1sttimemommy198

When DH and I were TTC this one we tried for 3 months before we got the BFP. I didn't track my cycle or anything for the first couple months. The month I did, we had six 4 times the week I was ovulating...and didn't TTC my son....he was a surprise...

RanaA... RanaAurora

HOW MUCH doesn't matter!  If you actually take the extra twenty minutes to read about ovulation, you'll learn to tell when you're ovulating and as long as you have sex a couple days prior and ontop of when you ovulate, you're good to go.  People who are TTC and just trying to bang every day are just going to make things suck for themselves.  If you really want a baby, learn more about how babies are made. ;)

boizmom boizmom

We won't be TTC until September, but I'm already off the bcps and taking prenatal vitamins in preparation.  I am working on losing some more weight and eating healthy so that I am as healthy as I can be when we conceive.  Until then, we're using the barrier method to prevent pregnancy.  When we wanted to conceive our youngest, we did the same things we're doing now.  Prepped my body and then when we did our baby-making duties, we did it every other day.  We were pregnant within a month.

MJerome MJerome

Well I have three children, and each one began life after a night of romance, dinner, dancing and etc. I think the point is not to try too hard, just live life to the fullest and let it happen the ole natural way, it happens when it happens

Proud... ProudArmyWife5

my baby wasnt a ttc he was ummm lets see what happens and we both wanted a baby but we thought his sperm count was too low but we didnt try to make him we didnt try not to make him eather... we knew what we were doing! every time i thought i was prego i wasnt then the last time i got my period i wanted a baby real bad i cried and how about jan the 18 my period was supposed to come and the 20th cam i took s test and BAM!!!! i was pegnant! but the point of that was jus to say it will happen when u least expect it!

xxPau... xxPaulaxx

Well, I'm pregnant now, but when we were trying to concieve, I made sure to have sex at least every two days. And when I was supposed to be ovulating, at least every other day.

Cindy... Cindy2009

Hi Ladies,

I am a mom of 1  (he's 21) and trying for a second.

At 44, I have gotten pregnant naturally twice so far, both ended in miscarriages.

I am a conception researcher and writer with a weekly column for The Examiner and I have followed my own advice for conception both times and was pregnant quickly.

Take a look at my strategies and tips in my column at

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