Trying to Conceive: How Much Sex Should You Have?

trying to conceive how often to have sex

Is too much of a good thing even better?

Baby-making sex can be tricky for all of the TTC mamas I know -- when, how, and how much are all questions that, um, come to mind. I did a post recently about timing, and how important it is to understand when you're ovulating.

Now here's the low-down on how often to do the deed.


According to a good sex-ed for baby-making article on conceiveonline, too much of a good thing isn't necessarily better when you're trying to get pregnant. If a man ejaculates too often, his semen may be diluted, causing sperm counts go down.

As a doc in the piece notes, "The ability to ejaculate and the ability to ejaculate high-quality sperm are two different concepts entirely."

OK, good to know.

On the countering side, there's no benefit to your guy waiting for a week or two to ejaculate, either, in hopes that his sperm will be rendered uber-strong by showing restraint. Waiting just makes the sperm older and less capable of speedily swimming their way up to your egg.

So, what's the ideal?

Most experts recommend having sex every other day to achieve maximum potency.

If you're trying to conceive, how often are you and your partner having sex? And how are you keeping the baby-making sex fresh? Or, are you?

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