What's Your Baby's Sign?

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Capricorn, Pisces, Aries, Libra, Cancer, Sag?

I don't totally buy into astrology, but I do think it's fun. My partner and I are both Virgos -- a good Earth sign match -- but we're parenting two fiery little "it's all about me" Leos.

We weren't supposed to be. According to due dates, both babies should have been Cancers -- and I always get along with Cancers. But as you know, first babies are often not having any of that due date business. They'll be here when they get here, and that's that.


Cafe Suzanne wrote a post in Baby Buzz a while back about a mom and baby astrology tool on Parents.com and, if you're baby's already here, you can check it out to see if the personality profiles accurately describe your little one. But if you're preggers, you can use it now for a sneak peek at what your baby might be like if he's on time -- or early, or late!

After viewing your mom profile and your baby's profile, you can get your supposed compatibility, but you'll have to register with the site for that.

According to mine, a Virgo mom/Leo baby match means we're headed for some clashes. But since Leo is all about Leo, and Virgos are all about helping others, we'll work it out.

I mean, of course we'll work it out -- we've got to! But still kind of fun.

For more on astrology, check out Moms Into Astrology and Earth Mother Astrology (the first is a private group.)

What about you? What will your baby's sign be if he's on time? Do you usually get along with that sign, or will it be all uncharted territory?

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