10 Pregnancy Tests for Under Two Bucks!

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One-Step Pregnancy Tests, $1.80 for ten, DealExtreme.com

There's lots of CafeMom discussion about which pregnancy tests work best -- the pricier digital ones or the drugstore cheapos. Moms seem to be split depending on what their experience was, although many, many do say the cheapies worked just fine for them.

And since all of those ovulation predictor kits and home pregnancy tests definitely add up, I decided to share a link from a CafeMom to 10 tests for less than two dollars. Here's the scoop.


I came across this bit of thrifty-mom info in Pregnant or Trying to Conceive (please note, it's a private group.) The tests are called One-Step HCG Urine Pregnancy Test Papers -- they come in a ten-pack and shipping is included in the $1.80 price.

They look sort of like lottery tickets, and instructions on the test are in Chinese (you've been forewarned!) but directions on the DealExtreme site are in English. And of course they're pretty basic -- you pee on a piece of paper and then it's two lines equals positive (pregnant) and one line equals negative.

Comments from users were generally positive -- the tests seem to work! You just need to plan ahead a little so you have the tests on hand when you're ready to use them.

If you're TTC, good luck! :)

Which home pregnancy tests did you go with? Did you use the more expensive digital ones or the budget-friendly drugstore variety?

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