Weekly Pregnancy Calendar: Week 23


weekly pregancy calendar week 23

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I'm following a first-time pregnant mom, bam61907 on her exciting journey from bump to baby. Check back every Wednesday for the latest developments!

Week 23

What's Happening with Mom: This week the baby has been moving non-stop. I love feeling her little kicks and movements. That's a great part of pregnancy -- but I'm just so anxious to hold her. I wish the pregnancy would go by faster so we could meet our little girl sooner!


Last week was my birthday -- I turned 20. We didn't go out to celebrate because we're saving money for the baby. I told my husband all I wanted was an ice cream cake! It sounded sooo good -- and I got it. :)

My main symptom is fatigue -- I have absolutely NO energy. Everyone talks about a burst of energy in the second trimester. But I haven't seen it.

I've wanted to exercise during this pregnancy, but my midwife didn't think it was a good idea given my earlier complications. I'm active during the day, but in the evenings I'm just at home doing homework, cooking, cleaning, or resting.

I'm starting to get anxious about labor -- I don't know what to expect! My midwife said we'll talk about childbirth classes at my next appointment.

We aren't having sex so much these days. It used to be 3 - 5 times a week and now it's once. Even though it's uncomfortable for me, I suck it up at least one time a week. Justin treats me like I'm fragile now, which isn't bad, just different for us.

My belly button is starting to push out. It's not totally popping yet, but I think it will be an outty by the end of the pregnancy. It's weird, I've never seen the inside of my belly button!

What's Happening with Baby: I'm about 11 inches long now and weigh about one pound. The blood vessels in my lungs are developing in preparation for breathing once I make my entrance, and I'm really starting to gather up some fat stores.

Question of the Week from Answers:

I'm due in April and I'm so scared of labor. Everyone says it hurts and is unlike any other experience. Can someone help me before I freak out? -- jacudra

I honestly didn't think it was that bad. You will be fine! -- Anonymous

No need to freak out -- it's going to happen either way. You can get drugs for the pain if you wish. It's always scary, but it will be worth it. Get a book and read about labor. That will relieve some stress. -- Anonymous

Get educated. Take a childbirth class. It is an experience unlike any other, but not just in a scary way -- there's nothing that will compare to giving birth to your child, especially your first. -- canadianmom1974

Are you anxious about labor? What are you doing to cope and to prepare?

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