Woman with Two Uteruses Gives Birth to Twins

woman with two uteruses gives birthI've been reading about this story in the news and all I can say is -- amazing!

Sarah Reinfelder has two uteruses and recently gave birth to twin girls -- one from each womb. An article on BettyConfidential.com helped me learn a little about this fascinating pregnancy.


Reinfelder's condition isn't actually all that rare -- about 1 in every 3,000 women has two uteruses (or uteri) -- but conceiving and carrying a baby in each womb is highly unusual, and dangerous. According to Betty, her doctor said the chances of a successful pregnancy in Reinfelder's situation are about one in five million.

The Betty editors spoke to an OB/GYN on how the double uteri thing happens. Apparently, when a female uterus is in utero, two parts of the reproductive system are supposed to fuse together into one womb -- in Reinfelder's case, that didn't happen.

This abnormality would normally be detected during a routine vaginal exam and then an MRI would confirm the condition.

Reinfelder was originally told she'd never be able to have children and now she has three -- the twins and an older baby boy.

Um, wow!

What did you think when you read about this story in the news? Do you know a woman who overcame an unusual situation to go on to a successful pregnancy and birth?

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