More Things They Don't Tell You About Pregnancy & Motherhood

things they don't tell you about pregnancy

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Or, to be more accurate, maybe things they don't exactly tell you the whole truth about....

Cafe Cynthia wrote a very funny post here recently on Secrets They Keep From First-Time Moms. Now here's a (much shorter!) list from Sarah Vine and Tania Kindersley, authors of the new book Backwards in High Heels, of lies women tell each other about pregnancy and motherhood. (ie: It's all really so EASY!)


1. Even if you gain a lot of weight, it'll all just come right off afterward -- especially if you breastfeed.

2. Birth isn't really all that bad -- and your body's programmed to forget the pain.

3. Breastfeeding can be tricky at first, but you'll get the hang of it.

4. You get used to not having as much sleep as you used to.

5. The experience of looking after a newborn can really bring two people together.

Now, I have to say, birth and breastfeeding -- both of which I was nervous about -- did actually turn out to be easier for me than I expected. I felt lucky!

But I did hear that thing about the weight just falling off if you breastfeed and about getting used to less sleep and, a few years into motherhood, I'm STILL packing an extra 10 lbs and I'm still exhausted.

What do you think? Truth or lies?

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