Is It Safe? Organic vs. Regular Milk

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We can't afford to buy all organic, but milk is one item I like to make an exception on if I feel we can trim someplace else and afford it for that week. Of course if money were no issue, we'd all like to give our kids milk without growth hormones and antibiotics. But at over five bucks a gallon where I live (!!) -- and with two toddlers who drink a lot of it -- cost is an issue I can't ignore.

What about while pregnant? Is it safe to skip organic and go with regular milk?

organic milk regular milk while pregnant

Got organic milk?


According to Michael S. Broder, author of The Panic-Free Pregnancy, there's no harm in pregnant women drinking milk from cows that were given bovine growth hormones (sometimes called BST.) Actually, there's no research that shows it's a threat to milk drinkers in general -- pregnant or not.

Some do claim there are additional benefits to choosing organic milk, though, including better taste and higher levels of certain nutrients. There's even some research which claims that drinking organic milk during pregnancy decreases a baby's risk for allergies.

Still, it's pricey.

What are you drinking while pregnant? Regular, organic, soy? Not much of a milk drinker to begin with? Share with moms here.

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