Can Your Dog Sense Your Pregnancy?


dogs sensing pregnancy

There's something different

about her these days....

I just read an article suggesting that, although there's no scientific proof, blah, blah, blah ... it's possible that dogs may be able to sense a pregnancy. Even before the mama in question knows she's pregnant.

Apparently, some pregnant women report that their pooch developed a new found sense of love and attachment to them -- essentially becoming clingy and protective -- right around the time they found out that they were pregnant.

It's possible that their uber-keen sense of smell could detect hormonal changes, but dogs are attuned to subtle emotional changes, too. Some CafeMom moms have also been talking about how their pets picked up on the change in preggo status.

What do you think? Have you ever had a pet that you think sensed your pregnancy?

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Ultim... UltimaMom

When my daughter was pregnant with her first child my chihuahua suddenly took an interest in her and she never did in the past. She constantly wanted to lay on her tummy through the whole pregnancy. She seemed very protective of her tummy. It was really cute!

Jesse... JessecaLynn

Absolutely!!!  My dogs would not leave my side when I was pregnant.  Whenever I was sitting or still, they were there.  They were extra protective and would bark at the slightest thing.  Now they are super protective over the kids.  When they are outside, they stand watch over the kids.  It is kinda funny though because they are a shih tzu and a maltese but they try. :)

Rache... Rachell9503

Interesting! I think it could be possible, a dog can sense a storm coming, why not pregnancy.......

krist... kristie190

I don't know about dogs but with both my kids my cat Franklin was very protective of me and laid on my lap all the time.  My other cat just love my food craving he loves cantaloupe and we would eat one every day.

WillDoDa WillDoDa

I am with PP, I don't know about dogs, but both my cats are very sensitive to me being pregnant. Even before I know it. With my second pregnancy after I found out I was like, Oh THAT's why the cats have been bugging me. :) And this time, same thing. I didn't know I was pregnant, but both cats were just hugging up to me and bugging me constantly.

LadyKiki LadyKiki

I know my dog did. Around 5 months the dog stopped wanting to go up and down the stairs. I would have to carry him up. It went on for about a month before I snapped, yelled at him and he went flying up the stairs. I think he knew something was going on and that was his way of showing it. He also once came up to me while I was laying down and pressed his ear against my stomach and looked really serious. I wish I would have gotten that on tape :-D.

jeni0323 jeni0323

Yes my dog has become a pain in the butt. She will never leave alone since I have been pregnant

Momme... MommedForces

I think so for sure! I also think that it is true for the other way as well. I had a dog once whom I did not care for as much ,because she was always jumping on me and was hyper , but when I found out she was pregnant my heart went out to her and I became very compassionate and sensitive to her.puppy

t1gge... t1gger143

My huge german shepard won't stay outside. She barks until I let her in and then lays on the floor next to where ever I am. Right now she is not more than 3 feet from me. She is the same way when I am sick, she won't leave my side. She is also very sensitive to my son and keeps him close by or at least in sight.

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