Trying to Conceive: Are You Ovulating, Mama?

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Ready to make a baby? I don't know if we're going to go for #3 or not, but getting pregnant has definitely been on my mind lately. Since we've done it twice before, I know timing is everything, and knowing when you ovulate is key.


According to an article on conceiveonline, the biggest mistake women who are ready to get pregnant make is not understanding when they're ovulating. Ovulation predictor kits can help - I used one. Here are some OPK FAQs. And here are some basics on ovulation from the article.

Counting day one of your period as day one of your cycle, most women ovulate about 14 days before their next period. So if your cycle varies between 24 and 30 days, you'll ovulate somewhere between days 10 and 16.

Experts say you're most likely to get PG if you have sex in the first five days before you ovulate or on the actual day of ovulation. Once your egg is released, it's only welcoming to sperm and able to be fertilized for about 12 to 24 hours (although sperm have a longer lifespan and can hang around and be viable up to even a couple of weeks after intercourse.)

Keep in mind that your cycle can vary from month to month and many women may ovulate before or after that 10 to 16 day window. An OPK, plus changes in cervical mucus, can help you pinpoint your most fertile days.

And connect with moms about what worked for them! I definitely exchanged info with other TTC mamas when I was in the middle of it all, and it was a big help in trying to read the fertility tea leaves. Check out these private groups:

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Are you TTC and getting familiar with your cycle? Have you used an OPK? Share what's been helpful to you!

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