Weekly Pregnancy Calendar: Week 22


weekly pregnancy calendar week 22

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I'm following a first-time pregnant mom, bam61907 on her exciting journey from bump to baby. Check back every Wednesday for the latest developments!

Week 22

What's Happening with Mom: The pregnancy seems so much more real now that we know we're having a girl! We can call the baby "her" or by the name we've chosen, Aubrey Madison. And knowing the sex makes us want to buy baby girl things. Justin is really getting into it, which is just too cute.


When we picked out the name, I was hesitant at first to put it online because some people will take your idea, but then I figured what the heck. It's not like there are NO other Aubreys or Madisons in the world.

At my prenatal visit this week, my midwife went over the results of my ultrasound report and my second round of blood work to test for problems and everything came back with no concerns -- it was a huge relief! At the next appointment, she said we'd talk about what type of birth control I want after the pregnancy and also about childbirth classes.

I've been feeling pretty uncomfortable. I feel so big even though everyone says I'm small. I've really only gained 11lbs total so far though and my midwife says that's perfect.

Justin and I found out we might be getting orders soon to be re-stationed -- we don't know for sure yet what will happen. He was told to choose between Washington state, Louisiana, and Colorado. We decided on Colorado because it would be hard for me to find a good job in Louisiana, and supposedly Colorado has a better military base than Washington. I'm just hoping nothing happens until after the baby is here.

He could get the orders in a month or two and have to report in July or August or he could get orders later in the summer to report in the fall. It's all up in the air with the military. It's so unpredictable.

What's Happening with Baby: I'm a girl, so my uterus and ovaries are fully formed and all of the eggs I'll have in my lifetime are already in place (for boys, testes begin to drop down from the abdomen.) I'm about 10 or 11 inches long and weigh just about a pound. My facial features are becoming more distinct and my brain can process the sensation of touch.

Question of the Week from Answers: Our family keeps asking us what the name is going to be -- they feel like they have a say in it if it's something they don't like. So we've decided to keep it a secret. Did any of you keep the name a surprise? -- BallardMomma

I say, go, girl! Don't reveal until you and your husband are ready to. -- PrydferthMenyw

We kept it a secret with our son. There was a lot of pressure to give him a family name and we didn't want to. -- Pnukey

I didn't keep it a secret, but it's certainly your right to! Lots of people keep it a secret until birth. -- kabbot01

Are you sharing your baby name before the baby's here, or are you keeping it under wraps?

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