Is Katie Holmes on a Detox Diet for Pregnancy?


katie holmes detox diet

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More wacky TomKat news.

Supposedly, the reason that Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes were no-shows at the Oscars this year is that Katie is on an intense detox diet to prepare her body for a second pregnancy.

The Daily Mail reported that the 30-year-old actress has been left weak after herbal drinks and a "purification procedure" to help rid her body of toxins. Cruise, in keeping with Scientology teachings on conception, is reportedly encouraging Katie to stick to the diet because the pair hopes to conceive kid number two.

Have you heard this, too? Do you believe it?

What do you think? Possibly true, or just more gossip from the oddball TomKat rumor mill?

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kerry... kerrysmom

I think both of them are a joke...

RandJ... RandJsmom

I really liked Katie Holmes.  I thought she was adorable in Dawson's Creek and enjoy watching her as an actress.  I think Tom Cruise is just wierd!  can't say why but his beliefs and practices baffle me sometimes.  I hope Katie is doing OK.

Fista... Fistandantalus

GIVE ME A BREAK!!!!! Talk about making things complicated for the sheer sake of it, which seems to be the Scientology Motto.  Katie is YOUNG!  She doesn't need a "special detox diet to prepare for a second pregnancy" and I don't believe that's what's going on; far more likely she's being artificially inseminated with some Tom while he's whacking it to pictures of Heath Ledger's corpse in another room.

emslala emslala

LMAO at Fistandantalus!!!
IMO, Tom Cruise is a wacko & completely brainwashed. If Katie Holmes is stupid enough to go along with it, that's her problem.

abs0726 abs0726

I dont think its true

MiaMc... MiaMcCarter

i have heard of this before. it is supposed to help you conceive faster and also get your child off to the best start. I tried it once when i was ttc and it was too much for me(i'm not good with diets) i quit the diet started prenatal pills and in two months i was pregnant and the baby so far is healthy.

Lindalu2 Lindalu2

Garbage. Rumors. All you need to do is eat well and take vitamins before you get pregnant.

AmaliaD AmaliaD

i tried to work out,  eat whatever,  not worry about dieting because i knew i would gain it back soon anyways when ttc... jmo...

Momme... MommedForces

 I once happened into scientology not knowing what it was or where my faith exactly was at that point. It is real intense to say the least. Their beliefs are strong! Yes, if your asking me I believe that detoxifying and purifying the body is right along the lines that they believe in scientology.All of their beliefs are for living a better quality of life here on earth. Success is the goal. Whether it be career or finances , school, battling illnesses,or even getting pregnant. It may seem strange to others, and I was only in it for a short while, but we all have our own thing.My faith lies in GOD now, and I am HIS.

Ann7227 Ann7227

Is it even legal that they can reproduce ???? lol

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