Post C-section Recovery

recovering from a C-sectionI didn't have a C-section when I delivered, but I know many mamas who did. And recovering fully while traying to take care of a newborn was no small task -- after all, a Cesarean is major abdominal surgery.

mommyNY6 asked a few post C-section questions in Pregnancy. She wondered what moms did for uncomfortable gas, and if they experienced pain around the incision. Here's what new moms had to say, plus some C-section recovery tips.


Moms said Gas X helped for the gas, but check with your doctor first to get his approval if you're breastfeeding -- and for other ideas on what might work. HuntersMommee said a nurse at the hospital told her rocking in a rocking chair could help with gas, too -- and it worked for her!

Pain around the incision is normal. It takes about 4 to 6 weeks for a C-section incision to heal.

Tips for Recovering:

Take it easy -- No, really! Rest, don't lift anything heavier than your new baby, and when people offer to help, let them.

Support your belly -- Hold your abdomen near the incision during sudden movements like coughing or sneezing. Use pillows for extra support while breastfeeding.

Drink lots of fluids -- You need to replace the ones you lost during delivery, and they'll help prevent constipation, too.

Hold off on sex -- Most docs say to wait the full six weeks.

Take meds if you need them -- Your doctor may recommend Tylenol for the pain in the first few days after you deliver and, if you're constipated, a mild laxative.

Are you a mama who's been through a C-section? What tips would you give on recovering while taking care of a new baby?

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