What's a Level 2 Ultrasound?

level 2 ultrasound

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As first-time mamas, we encounter all sorts of lingo and procedures we've never heard of before. (The next time around, if you go for it, it's all so much easier!)

I was definitely intimidated by all of the info and tests. So I could totally relate when I read Shana11787's post in Pregnancy asking if anybody knew what a level 2 ultrasound was.


From the preggo experts at What to Expect, here's the deal:

Most pregnant women will have a level 2 sonogram at some point in their pregnancy. Basically, it's a more detailed ultrasound (also called an anatomy scan) and it can help your doc see how your baby is developing and if there are any problems.

What differentiates the sonograms -- a level 1 from a level 2 -- is the amount of detail. A level 1 sonogram is often used before 12 weeks, to help a practitioner date a pregnancy.

The more detailed level 2 sono is typically performed between 18 - 22 weeks and can help determine a number of things, including the size of the fetus, how your baby's organs are forming, the amount of amniotic fluid, any cervical changes that might indicate the possibility of preterm labor, and if baby cooperates, the sex.

Talk to your doctor about any upcoming ultrasounds you have and what he's looking for.

Have you had your standard second trimester level 2 sonogram yet? What was it like? How long did it take?

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