Is It Normal? Crazy Pregnancy Dreams


strange dreams during pregnancy

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As you all know, I was Miss Anxious Pregnant Lady --
always worried.

But I had a weird pregnancy dream not long after I found out I was having a girl that actually made me feel a whole lot better.

I dreamed my big belly was transparent and I could see through it. And so could everyone else....

It was strange, yes, but in looking in, I could see my baby. She was pretty in there, bouncing all around with blond hair and blue eyes. And she was healthy. And fine.

And I woke up feeling oddly reassured.

dixieQT posted in Answers about strange dreams while pregnant -- she was having a lot of them and wondered what was up, and why.

Those wacky pregnancy hormones are probably in part to blame. But there are other reasons, too.

-- You've got a lot on your mind right now -- Dreams are a way for your subconscious to work through all of the big changes coming in your life.

-- They're an outlet for all of the extreme emotions you're experiencing at the moment.

-- Another reason you feel like you're dreaming more and more vividly is that you're waking up more during the night -- to run to the bathroom or to try and get comfy -- so you're more likely to remember the dreams.

Have you been having wacky pregnancy dreams? What was the weirdest?

is it normal


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Momfo... Momforhealth

When prego wtih my twins I would dream that I would have the babies and the nurses would only bring back one.  I would be frantic trying to proove that I had 2 and search for my other baby.

When I really had my twins..I was in the hospital.  I took my babies to the nursery and took a nap.  When I woke up I asked them to bring my babies back into my room and they only brought me one...I freaked ..Turns out as a precaution they had taken the other to the NICU because they thought he had fluid in his lungs.  He was ok and I got my baby back..phew!

RanaA... RanaAurora

Oh... my best friend had a dream while pregnant with her twins that a man in a black cape, red pants, a bare chest and glowing red eyes got into her house, came in to her bedroom and killed her husband, and then was coming around to her side of the bed, and she "knew" he was going to eat the twins out of her stomach.  *shudder*

KoolMama KoolMama

When I was pregnant with my first child, I was only 17 yrs old. And my mom, who was a single mom at the time, was not at all too happy with the situation. This caused a lot of stress and a lot of crazy dreams. The weirdest one was: I had a bulls-eye painted on my pregnant belly and my mom was chasing me around with a bow and arrow, trying to shoot the bulls-eye. This dream was so vivid that I remember it today, just as if I had just had it last night. And my son is 25 now.

PS- My mom may not have been happy then, but my son turned out to be the light of her life.

chell... chelley24

I had dreams with my first som that he was gonna be the size of a toddlar and I was gonna miss out on the little baby..........  I was a single mom and a bit on the worrie side so when I got married and had my other two i think I was a bit more settled and dont remember to many dreams that stood out.......

nonmember avatar Sophie257

From dinosaurs from space who came to take over the word to modeling agencies that were actually super secret spy agencies....yup I had some crazy dreams while pregnant...

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