Introducing an Older Sibling to the New Baby

introducing baby to an older sibling

Photo by tbspirit84

My children weren't quite two years apart in age, so my first child was really still a baby when the new baby arrived.

We fretted about how to introduce the two. Should we bring the toddler to the hospital? Would it be better if they met at home? How could we help him adjust to the idea that he'd have a new sibling, and would have to share the spotlight from now on?


I came across a slide show on Ways to Introduce Your Child to a New Baby. Here a a few highlights:

"Pick" the Baby Game -- At the hospital, have the new baby waiting in the nursery with all of the other babies instead of in your room. Walk your older child down to the nursery and let him "pick" out the new baby for your family (with your guidance, natch.) Don't forget to explain the "no returns" policy on this one!

Have a Countdown to Delivery Calendar -- Help get your child excited -- and help him understand that the new adjustment is drawing near -- by hanging a "countdown to delivery" calendar and marking off the days together.

Let Your Child Help Name the Baby -- Discuss baby names, let your child make suggestions, and vote as a family on who loves what. Not so into the baby name your child wants to go with? Let him pick a nickname instead.

Are you expecting your second baby? How are you preparing your first for the new arrival?

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