Bottle Rack: Take It or Leave It?

bottle drying rack

First Years Spin Store Bottle Rack,


Time for Take It or Leave It Tuesday, where you share what's on your registry and what's not. Last week, it was the Diaper Genie and most moms-to-be said they'd leave it. This week, it's a way to dry and organize all of those baby bottles you're about to be juggling.

Item: First Years Spin Store Dry Rack Organizer

Cost: $13

What it does: It's a dedicated space to dry and store baby's bottles.

Pros: You'll have a lot of bottles and bottle-related paraphernalia flying around your kitchen; this rack gives you a place to stash it all.

Cons: Bottles can just as easily dry on a dish rack or on a towel -- free of charge.

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