What's Your Favorite Piece of Maternity Clothing?

maternity clothes

Photo by Peajewel

Oooohhh, I love my... HAT!

I read a post in Answers asking moms about their favorite piece of maternity clothing. It made me smile, remembering my own.

MomNbabyGirl1009 said:

"Do you have a favorite piece of maternity clothing that you absolutely LOVE? You know, the one that is so comfortable and fits so perfectly that you could just wear it ALL THE TIME?


LOL, I do! My family makes fun of me. It's actually from pre-pregnancy, but it's so long it covers my belly and has a built-in bra to support these big puppies. It's perfect. I wash it every single day so I can wear it anytime I want to."

For me, it was a pair of soft, stretchy, wide-legged pants I got at Urban Outfitters. They had a tall band at the waist that you could pull up or scrunch and wear down low. They actually weren't maternity wear either, but they were the first piece of clothing I bought to accommodate my expanding belly and backside. I wore them all the time, all the way through my pregnancy (and after, too.)

What about you? What's your absolute favorite, wear-it-every-day piece of maternity clothing?

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