A Happy Miscarriage Story (No, Really!)

Well, happy and bizarre. But most important -- happy.

I just came across the story of Claire Hunter, a British woman who, six weeks into her pregnancy, began to feel cramping in her side and was rushed to the hospital.


Turns out she was having an ectopic pregnancy -- the fetus had formed in her fallopian tube instead of her uterus. She lost the baby and doctors told her she may never conceive again.

But here's where the bizarre/happy part comes in!

Six weeks later she was still experiencing pain after surgery on her ovary, and was given a pregnancy test. She was pregnant, and had been for a full trimester. Doctors had been so focused on the miscarriage that they somehow missed another fetus that had developed properly in Hunter's womb -- that of a twin baby boy. He was born healthy, weighing in at over seven pounds.

Hunter did lose a baby, and of course that loss is always difficult. But she got one, too. It's a little unnerving that doctors initially missed the fact that there was another baby in there. But, still. A healthy baby in the end.

A happy ending.

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