Are You Touring the Hospital Where You'll Deliver?

hospital tour when pregnantWhen my partner was pregnant, we dutifully took the tour of the hospital and birthing center where we knew she'd be delivering. We were hoping we'd be in the birthing center (and we were for a short time, but not for the long haul), but the tour included both, so we stumbled around from room to room with the other dazed-looking parents-to-be, wondering what this would all feel like when it was really time for our baby to arrive.


Mama2Mikey posted about hospital tours in Pregnancy -- she's expecting her second child and, although she's delivering at the same hospital where she had her first, it's been a few years and she has some questions and would like a refresher before her scheduled C-section.

She wondered when other moms were taking their hospital tour, or if they were. Most moms said they were, and that it was a third trimester activity.

When it was my turn to deliver, we didn't bother taking the tour again, though I was glad I had seen the facility and knew the lay of the land.

What about you? Are you taking a tour? Why, or why not?


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