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Medela Pump in Style, $280,

Hooking the girls up to a manual or electric suction device for extended periods of time may not be super-fun, but for some moms, it's a necessary means to an end -- breast milk for baby when the boobs are MIA.

Do you really need a breast pump? Which one should you buy? From around CafeMom, here's a compilation of real-mom answers to breast pump FAQs.

Is a breast pump a must-have?

If you're planning on breastfeeding, but will be returning to work or want the flexibility of family and friends being able to feed the baby breast milk, a pump of some sort is a necessity. What kind you need may depend on how long the periods away from baby will be -- will it be just the occasional feeding here and there or will you be away full days?

You might be able to get away with a manual pump -- and some moms even find these are more effective at expressing milk -- or you may need a double electric in order to produce the most milk in the shortest amount of time.

Many moms say that, even though they're expensive, it's best to take the plunge and go for the double electric if you can. Just think of what you'll be saving on formula.

Which pump is the best?

The names that frequently emerged from the moms were the Medela Pump in Style (which comes in a discreet carrying bag, and costs about $280 - $350), the Lansinoh Double Electric (about $150), and the Ameda Purely Yours (also around $150.)

All three are double pumps (so you're expressing both breasts simultaneously) and they allow you to adjust speed and suction. (Word to the wise: Best not to crank up suction to the max the first time you use a pump -- just as with breastfeeding, it may take the girls a little time to adjust to this new activity.)  :)

What's the deal with renting a pump?

It is possible to rent a pump instead of buying. Ask your doctor or midwife for suggestions on where to go in your local area. Hospitals usually rent them, and you may be able to give a pump a test run after birth in the facility where you'll be delivering -- check in advance to see if that's an option.

Where can I get more info?

La Leche League and WIC (Women, Infants, Children) may be able to assist you in finding a place to rent a pump or even in purchasing one. Contact your local group or program.

Are you planning on buying a breast pump? Which one are you going with, and why?

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madam... madamekatekate

I want an electric pump pretty badly for this baby. I had a manual one with my daughter but it just didn't work well. I never pumped more than 2 ounces per breast and I've heard that with electric ones, you're able to get a lot more out.

Thing is I don't have the money to get one. =( So I may be out of luck again.

Jodi813 Jodi813

I love my Avent Duo Pump.  It also comes with a nice carrying bag, so no one knows what is in there!!

1978 1978

The reason why I want to pump is for my husband. I actually feel guilty that I get to carry the baby and feel the baby breastfeeding. I want to pump so that he can bond with our child as much as he wants.

Tracy... TracyLove72285

I want the breat pump because I'm a 23 year old single mom to be. This is my first child and I'm trying to give him/her the best life I can. I really want to breatfeed exclusively for the first year, however I'm in school and tho I will be completeing soon I will be working full time so I can support my child and give us a roof over our head.

irish... irishaquarius

I just purchased the Medela Freestyle and I love it. I found it online for much cheaper than local stores. Also - the freedom of not being attached to the bag or an outlet is awesome.  It's definitely an investment, but I plan to use it for future children as well. I'm exclusively pumping (meaning no baby to breast) so I use it about every 2 hours. I love that it has so many settings, and is easy to use and so portable. once I set up the hands-free option, I can feed baby and pump at the same time. It's a time saver and it helps me keep up with his feeding schedule. I'll get a lot of use out of it as we're always on the go, and it will be very useful once I go back to work. I'd highly recommend it if you can swing the purchase price.

Manita Sawhney-Sethi

awaybabyessentials has great list of breast pumps with price list and good priced

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