Prenatal Vitamin and Iron Supplement Recalls

prenatal vitamin recallAs usual, CafeMom moms are on the case when it comes to news like this. I just read that some prenatal vitamins and iron supplements have been recalled. Here's where to get more info on the affected pills.


According to the Food and Drug Administration, the ETHEX and the Ther-RX corporations have expanded a previous (2008) recall notice to include prescription prenatal vitamin and iron supplement products. The recalls include vitamins sold at both the wholesaler and retail levels.

The products may have been manufactured under conditions that didn't fully comply with current "Good Manufacturing Practices." and some pills may have been oversized, thus delivering higher than labeled doses.

The FDA recommends that women who have these pills in their possession continue to take them in accordance with thier prescriptions, but to contact their healthcare provider for more information or a substitute prescription.

For a list of affected tablets, see press releases specifying ETHEX and Ther-RX products. And of course call your doctor if you have any concerns about a prescription prenatal vitamin or iron supplement that you're currently taking.

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