Diaper Genie: Take It or Leave It?

diaper genie

Diaper Genie II Elite, $35,


It's Tuesday, which means it's time for Take It or Leave It! Last week, I asked you about the Exersaucer and most moms said they'd take it. This week, it's a way to contain stinky diapers.

There are several of these on the market -- including the Diaper Dekor (that's been my pail of choice) and the Diaper Champ -- but the Diaper Genie is kind of the mother of them all. Are you putting it on your registry?

Item: Diaper Genie

Cost: $35

What it does: It's essentially a lined trash can devoted to the disposal of dirty diapers -- and to containing their poopy smell.

Pros: Playtex, the pail's maker, proclaims it #1 in odor protection. A foot pedal renders it a hands-free way to toss those smelly bundles, and with a growing baby, you have a LOT of them.

Cons: As is the case with some other diaper disposal systems, it requires special liner (bag) refills, which means the price is really $35 plus.

What do you think?


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