Pregnancy Guilty Pleasures

pregnancy cravings

"I'll have another, please."

We all have them. Those little indulgences you allow yourself when you're PG -- whether it's something considered a pregnancy no-no or just something you really love and allow yourself more of in your current state.

I saw a post about guilty pleasures in the Pregnancy group and it reminded me of mine -- milkshakes (a lot of them). Mmmmmm. I was due in July. It was hot. I have a sweet tooth.

Moms in the post shared all kinds of things they like to indulge in from time to time -- here are a few highlights.


Pregnancy Guilty Pleasures

-- Hot baths

-- Red Bull

-- Sodas and Mexican queso

-- Ice cream and hot dogs

-- Coffee

-- Chocolate

-- A little alone time at the slot machines

-- A diet Coke with my McDonald's

-- Sex!

-- Blue cheese

-- Caesar salad

-- Lunch meat

-- Cherry Coke

So, spill -- what's your guilty pleasure?

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