Is Michelle Obama Pregnant?!


michelle obama pregnant

Photo by Alex Wong/

Getty Images

OK, she's probably not. She's 45, for a start, and, you know, she was pretty busy with that election business last year. But there has been lots of online speculation about it, flamed in part by gossip guy Perez Hilton, who reported a couple of weeks ago that he was hearing rumors out of D.C. that Obama might become a mama again. And other bloggers have been writing about why we need a White House baby (apparently we haven't had one since Grover Cleveland was President in the late 1800s.)

I don't know about the idea that an Obama pregnancy would somehow help the economy, but it might boost our collective mood -- and it sure would be fun!

What do you think? Would you like to see Michelle Obama pregnant, and to have a new baby in the White House?

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