Is It Safe? Sex in the Third Trimester

sex in the third trimester

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Think you and your hubby will be doing the deed in honor of Valentine's Day this weekend? If you're in your third trimester and just about ready to pop, the answer may not be a peppy "you know it, girl!"

First, you may not be in the mood. Many third tri gals aren't. Pregnancy symptoms like heartburn, swelling, and pelvic pressure can just make things too uncomfortable for some women, leading to a big dip in sexual desire.

And then there's the "is it OK?" issue. Is it safe to go at it when you've got an almost-done bun in the oven?


Here's the answer: Yes! Well, most likely yes. As always, check with your doctor at one of your prenatal visits to be sure you've got the go ahead. Every pregnancy is different.

But in general, sex, even in the third trimester, is safe as long as you're having a low-risk, complication-free pregnancy. Your baby is well protected in your uterus, and intercourse or orgasm will not harm him.

Worried the nasty might send you into labor if you're in your final weeks? Another reason to double-check with your doc, as beliefs are somewhat conflicting. It's commonly thought that sex is a natural way to bring on labor, and many women past their due date give it a whirl. But a 2006 study on late-pregnancy sex found intercourse didn't induce labor in women past their 37th week.

If you are in the mood, but looking for a new way to accommodate the belly, try one of these sex positions.

Are you in your third trimester? Are you and your hubby still getting it on, or not so much?

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