Due on Valentine's Day, but Probably Being Induced

Time to check in with another mom due on Valentine's Day! Recently, I spoke to Samantha (mama312206), who was gearing up for a planned C-section.

Now, meet Heather (blondebabygherl), 21. She's a soon-to-be single mama who's also due any minute.


Tell me about yourself. Where do you live? Is this your first baby? Do you know what you're having?

I live in Chesapeake, Virginia and, yes, this is my first baby. It's a boy. He'll be Landon William.

I know you're separating from your husband. Who's been your support system?

My mom. She's bought pretty much everything for my son and has been the one there for every doctor's appointment and hospital visit.

So, you're due on Valentine's Day. Any idea from your doctor about when you'll actually deliver?

At my last appointment, my doctor said I hadn't progressed since my previous one. The baby hasn't moved down at all, so he gave me two options. I can go in this Friday and he'll induce -- he'll give me something to soften my cervix and then break my waters on Saturday (Valentine's Day.)

But he said since the baby hadn't moved down at all, there would be a chance my contractions wouldn't be strong enough to move him down in enough time and I could wind up wth an emregency C-section. The other option was to wait and induce on the 25th, the next date my doctor has free -- I'd be almost 42 weeks.

At my appointment today we'll see if the baby has moved down or not. If he has, my doctor will let me go ahead and be induced on Valentine's Day.

What do you think of the idea of a Valentine's baby?

At first I didn't want him to be born on Valentine's Day, just because it's a holiday and I want him to have a birthday where he can really be celebrated and not have to worry about anyone else.

But my uncle's birthday is Valentine's Day, so now I'm hoping he will come then!

If you don't wind up having the baby by V-Day, will you do anything fun to celebrate?

My best friend is a guy, and he says if the baby isn't here by then he'll take me anywhere I want to go. It's more likely, though, that I'll wind up making him a special dinner. I'm a chef and he loves my food.

And if you do deliver by then, how do you think you'll wind up spending the day?

My friends have all said if I have the baby before then, they will come over and spend Valentine's Day with me. I have an amazing group of friends and I love that they are willing to sacrifice their own plans to come see me and the baby!

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