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Tiny Magnolia

There are tons of fabulous groups on CafeMom -- truly something for every mama under the sun! From time to time, we'll spotlight one you may not have encountered before. momioftwinz mentioned that she loves Birth Is Normal.

Please note: It's a private group, so you'll have to join to be a part of discussions. The group's basic idea? That birth is normal and not a medical emergency that needs to be managed or interfered with -- members encourage out-of-hospital births and deal with post-natal issues such as breastfeeding and newborn care as well.

What's your present plan for birth? Hospital? Birthing center? Home?

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Phils... PhilsBabyMama

This group was wonderful during my pregnancy.  Full of smart women who know birth is best left un-fiddled with!  I had an amazing birthcenter birth with a midwife.  My next baby will be born at home.

momma... mommaZBXs4

Sounds good.  We are planning to give birth at home as we have with the rest of our living children.  I have less than a week till my EDD and am getting impatient because I have company coming (baby's grandparents....)  My decision makes them full of fear and it bugs me....

doulala doulala

BIN is my favorite group on Cafemom.   It defintely isn't for everyone, though.   The women there are really dedicated to intervention-free birthing, having complete faith in the natural process.  They are advocates, strong & supportive women, and REALLY well-read.   If a mom wants to know how to better her birth experience, this group is a wonderful place to go!    But by "better," I do mean healthier & safer.   If someone is interested in joining they will want to read the discription first.  ;-)  

Birth IS normal.   It has been successfully happening since...  the beginning of people!   Doctors and hospitals are new, relatively speaking.   This group helps to remind us that New and Modern doesn't necessarily equate Better.   A woman's body is designed to handle the pain of contractions and the process of delivery, that a healthy pregnancy requires no interventions.


Lynette Lynette


Lynette Lynette

I enjoy Birth Is Normal group.  Definitely it has been an education!  Not a group that everyone would like but I really do!

Preci... Precious333

I LOVE this group! Thank you mamas for having this group! I had the homebirth of my dreams on June 27th, 2008 and I know that if it wasn't for these mamas I would not have had such a lifechanging and wonderful experience!

JensJ... JensJulyBoy05

clappingI've learned so much from the women in "Birth is Normal" It's my favorite group. Can't live wihtout it! haha.

wendy... wendy46121

I love this group so much :)  These ladies were able to answer every last one of the questions I had regarding my pending homebirth.  I was able to give birth to my baby girl without any fear at all, thanks to them! (And of course myself!)  It was my very first homebirth, but hopefully not my last!

abell... abellvalerie

My fave group on the cafe filled with intelligent women!

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