Will You Go Back to Work or Try to Stay Home?

work or stay home with babyCafe Cynthia just mentioned in a post that, unlike a friend of hers, she really likes her job, and doing without a second income isn't an option for her family anyway. So to work or not to work isn't a question. And it's the same for me. But I do feel torn sometimes.


Since I like my work, too, I never imagined staying home might be something I'd really want to do. Until I met my babies. They're pretty fabulous company and, like all moms, working or not, of course I always want to spend more time with them. We've made some changes that have allowed for that a little, but working is still very much in the cards.

It's hard to say how you'll feel until you meet your baby, and sometimes it all comes down to budget -- but what do you think you'll do, and are you happy about it?


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