Birth Stories: Tonya's Super-Fast Delivery

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Photo by sunmoonstars

Tonya with Sarah

I love featuring moms in Pregnancy Buzz. It's wonderful getting to know you all, but also to share your stories -- I find them all so inspiring and I know other moms do, too.

From time to time, I'd like to feature a mom's birth story. Up first is Tonya (sunmoonstars), who delivered her second baby impressively fast. In fact, if she has a third, I can't imagine how quickly that one might come!

Here's her story.


Tonya's Birth Story

My husband Adam and I are both 35 and we live in New York State. Our first child was Abby, and she's almost five. Our second was Sarah, and she was born in September, 2008.

She was two days late. I started having contractions at home, but I wasn't sure when to leave for the hospital because I only had a few before they got really strong. My doctor had given me special instructions; we were to go to the hospital when the contractions were five minutes apart (not three like she tells everyone else). Well, the contractions went from 11 minutes apart to two really fast! So we left for the hospital and I was lucky that NO ONE else there was in active labor.

Adam left our car at the curb, took me inside, and then ran back out to park it. The nurses rushed me right in. I don't remember getting undressed or in the bed. I was just pushing right away -- and that was it! There was a midwife there and she delivered Sarah -- my husband didn't even make it back from parking the car! And my doctor missed it, too.

When Adam came back, there I was with the baby. I was at the hospital a whole ten minutes, no time for pain meds or anything. But the midwife and nurses did a great job. Sarah was perfect and healthy.

In the end, I was in active labor less than two hours. I had a feeling Sarah's delivery might be fast -- mine with Abby was only about five hours total and we were at the hospital only an hour before she was born.

I don't think we'll have a third baby, but If we do, I'm leaving for the hospital after the first contraction!

If you've given birth before, did you have a really fast labor and delivery?

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