Secondhand Nursery Style Tips


I like a vintage-y look, and most of the items in my daughter's nursery were bought secondhand -- in fact, I can't actually think of anything we bought new, from the crib to the street sign that says Magnolia! (We got that from a seller in the south on eBay.) And going for used pieces is definitely easier on the budget, too.

I just read an article in Fit Pregnancy by New York designer Amanda Moore, the owner of, on secondhand nursery style tips. (The article isn't online, so you'll need to pick up a copy of the mag to see all of the ideas.) Here are a few highlights.

Shop for an unfinished dresser -- Unpainted wood looks good with bright, colorful objects and walls, and if it's unpainted you don't have to worry about lead in the paint.

Look for vintage sheets -- Then make them into cute curtains.

Get a slim, vertical bookshelf -- Turn it on its side and fill it with baskets to store clothing and toys.

Buy old children's books -- Cut out illustrations and frame them for wall art.

For more budget-friendly nursery ideas, be sure to check out Cafe Sheri's great interview with celebrity designer Kenneth Brown -- and get a peek at the new Kenneth Brown Baby collection, available at Babies "R" Us.

Have you bought any used items for your baby's nursery? Tell me what you got and why you're loving it!

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Cryst... Crystallynn

I bought our crib used.  I had a magazine opened to a crib that I fell in love with for about dh almost had a heart attack and swore that I had to find one for closer to a quarter of that.  A friend came over and was looking at it.  She had the exact same crib for her dd in storage because her girl was 3 yrs old and they didnt need it anymore.  I picked up that crib for 50.00-including a matress.  Cant go wrong with that!  I lost my baby though due to a miscarriage.  Right now that crib is in my storage unit, waiting for the next one to be able to use it

Fista... Fistandantalus

Vintage sheets?  A slim vertical bookshelf?  New York designer Amanda Moore needs to check out a real "vintage sheet" with all its' attendant stains and thin spots.  And we all know that slim vertical bookshelves are a dime a dozen and grow on trees.  A non-"vintage" plain boring twin bed flat sheet costs $2.97' if you can find a "vintage sheet" in decent shape for less than that, I'll eat a slim vertical bookshelf.

RanaA... RanaAurora

LMAO Fistandantalus!

I have to admit, reading "secondhand nursery" I wasn't expected some poor attempt at vintage.   I was expecting something on how to use old things or really cheap things to make them look great.

Cafe... Cafe MicheleZ

I love the old children's books idea! I have a really old medical book that has cool illustrations that I have framed, but this is a great idea for a nursery.

You can also use a vintage table runner, with embroider and lace trim, as wall art. Even vintage doilies. Such a pretty look.

KJDsM... KJDsMommy


That had to be the funniest thing I've read in a long time. I'm still laughing! I had to read it to my Mom!

Mythi... MythicMMM

lol Fistandantalus.

"vintage designer" is not what I thought when I saw "secondhand nursey style tips". I was expecting tips on how to re-use my son's stuff for the next kid, but make it look different/new.

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