One Last Pre-Baby Valentine's Day

valentine's day

Photo by bluejupiter13

Almost time for Valentine's Day! If you're preggers and due any minute, how will you be spending your last V-Day alone with your husband before baby comes?

I spoke to Cathy (conradsgirl15) about how she and her husband, Michael, hope to celebrate.


So tell me where you live?

Tucson, Arizona.

You're due February 19. How are you planning to celebrate Valentine's Day? Are you squeezing in one last romantic night before the baby arrives?

We're actually hoping the baby comes before then, but if not, we'll probably do dinner or something easy. At nine months pregnant, how romantic can I get? LOL!

You are really pregnant right now -- are you feeling at all like a sexy mama?

Not hardly! My husband reassures me constantly, which is great, but I just can't get over being this big.

This holiday is all about relationships. How has being pregnant changed your relationship with your husband?

I think it has definitely made us closer. I've seen a softer side of my husband, which I knew he had, but I didn't get to witness very often. It's also been great having him go through this experience with me, to really be there for me and be so supportive and understanding.

What are you hoping your husband gets you for Valentine's Day?

We don't really do big gifts, we never have. We usually just see a movie or go out for dinner. But like I said, I'm hoping we'll be taking care of a newborn on Valentine's Day!

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