Weekly Pregnancy Calendar: Week 18


weekly pregancy calendar week 18

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I'm following a first-time pregnant mom, 19-year-old bam61907, on her exciting journey from bump to baby. Check back every Wednesday for the latest developments!

Week 18

What's Happening with Mom: I had a great week -- I've started to show a little more and I've really been able to feel the baby moving! I also had a prenatal appointment, so we got to make sure everything's OK with the baby despite the cramping I've been having.


Justin came with me. When we got there, they took my vitals and weighed me -- I've gained five and a half pounds so far and the nurse said that's great for where I am in my pregnancy.

I had to see a different doctor because my midwife was out, so I told him about the cramping and that it's still happening. He decided to do an internal exam and he was so rough! I really thought I might accidentally kick him. Also, I hadn't peed before my appointment because I thought they'd want a urine sample. So during the exam the doctor was pressing all over my bladder and tummy and I seriously thought I was going to pee! 

Anyway, the doctor said the cramping is just round ligament pain and "growing pains" since I'm so small. He checked the heartbeat -- it's good and strong, and Justin LOVED hearing it -- and told us that the genetic tests for Down Syndrome and other disorders came back fine.

I also got my referral to radiology to find out the sex -- the big ultrasound is set for February 18th, and then we'll know if we're having a boy or a girl!

What's Happening with Baby: I'm five and a half inches long now and my hearing is getting better and better -- I may even be startled by loud noises. My nervous system is developing and I'm moving around like crazy. If you haven't felt me yet, you will soon.

Question of the Week from Pregnancy

When does round ligament pain (a normal, natural stretching of the ligaments in the pelvic area during pregnancy) start and what can I do to alleviate it? -- 1stbaby_Coleman

I started feeling mine around 15 weeks and they've gotten more intense. I lie on my side with a pillow between my legs to relieve the pain. -- jazzyjae

I had it starting at around 16 weeks with my first but with my second it was earlier. -- AYENOI

+++ If you're experiencing pain or cramping, be sure to talk to your doctor about it.

Are you in your second trimester? Have you experienced what you think might be round ligament pain or other cramping? Share your experiences and questions here.

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