Am I Pregnant? My Boobs Are Killing Me!


am i pregnant? am i pregnant breast pain



A friend of mine thinks she might be pregnant (I hope she is!). What's her number one symptom? Sore breasts.

I can tell you that when I was pregnant -- even before I tested, before I knew for sure -- my boobs hurt. Like, noticeably so. And that wasn't a common PMS symptom for me.

A curious potential mom-to-be asked in Answers if sore breasts might signal a pregnancy before she tested -- and she wondered if this was a symptom all women experienced.

Moms answered on both sides of the coin. Some women said they did have tender breasts before finding out they were pregnant and others said they didn't, which of course just goes to show how all women experience things differently.

But sore breasts are definitely a common symptom of early pregnancy. As soon as an egg is fertilized, your body begins undergoing hormonal changes, and your breasts are particularly sensitive to them. Surges in progesterone and hCG increase blood flow, which can make your breasts feel different -- they may feel sore, tender, tingly, or heavy. Mine felt an odd combination of sore/tingly.

So how will you know if your sore boobs = a baby on the way?

Sore breasts alone may not mean you're pregnant. But if you've missed your period, have sore breasts, AND are experiencing other symptoms (such as fatigue, nausea, headaches, or cramping), then it's time to test.

Did you have sore breasts in early pregnancy? Even before you tested?


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Mon2me Mon2me

l had so breast,not just sore but heavy.l'm about 5 weeks now, and the first thing l notice was tenderness,followed by sore on the day l missed my period.immediately l notice my boobs were tender l knew l was pregnant cos l felt different,l had some other symptoms too.wish you the best.

Colle... ColleenPlank

Yeppers, and my husband was the one who said to me....I think your pregnant after I was saying how sore I was, and he was right!  It was with my 2nd little man. 

RanaA... RanaAurora

Sore breasts can also be a symptom of a lot of things, like an upcoming menstrual cycle, or cystic fibroids in your breasts (usually irritated by excess caffeine consumption).

That said, my boobs hurting was the first thing other than a missed period that I noticed.  This time around, they were so sore that it was making me miserable and I couldn't even wear bras, but totally braless hurt too, so I was relying on "built in bra shelves" in tank tops.

kasiy... kasiyahsmom


MDMom... MDMomof2Cuties

I have had sore breasts with all 3 pregnancies, but only my 2nd pregnancy did the pains start early on, before I tested.  So not only is every women different, but all of my pregnancies have been completely different, and they are all 3 boys!!

scmom... scmomma85

I had sore breasts too and still do now that Im pregnant with baby number 3

CherB... CherBearCM

Yes I definitely had sore breasts.  i do get sore breasts with my period too though so that in itself was not the only indicator of pregnancy.

Emski... EmskiMilski

As others have said, it can be pregnancy, or it can be period or other hormonal issues. If you think you might be pregnant, and your period is late, just do a pregnancy test. They're like $10 and worth it for the piece of mind, one way or the other.

blond... blondie09

my boobs were heavy and sore... so sore in fact, that when I was at work (i work at a pizza shop) I was filling up the soda cooler (where 2 liters are kept) and i was holding 3 2liters and one of them grazed, and i mean barely grazed my breast and it hurt so bad i kinda yelped... and that was before i tested. and when i tested i was only 4 weeks.

nonmember avatar Nicole Binns

Sore breasts can be caused by resin composite tooth fillings, the tooth-colored kind. I developed extremely sore breasts the day that I got my first plastic dental fillings. I had never had those type of fillings before. The sore breasts were extremely severe for months, but became less severe over time. It is almost a year later, and I still have sore breasts, but not as badly as they were in the beginning. These fillings release bisphenol-A, a xenoestrogen, which disrupts your hormones. I did not have any problems at all before getting those dental fillings. The pain began immediately, the day of the fillings. It was severe and obvious.

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