Am I Pregnant? My Boobs Are Killing Me!

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A friend of mine thinks she might be pregnant (I hope she is!). What's her number one symptom? Sore breasts.

I can tell you that when I was pregnant -- even before I tested, before I knew for sure -- my boobs hurt. Like, noticeably so. And that wasn't a common PMS symptom for me.


A curious potential mom-to-be asked in Answers if sore breasts might signal a pregnancy before she tested -- and she wondered if this was a symptom all women experienced.

Moms answered on both sides of the coin. Some women said they did have tender breasts before finding out they were pregnant and others said they didn't, which of course just goes to show how all women experience things differently.

But sore breasts are definitely a common symptom of early pregnancy. As soon as an egg is fertilized, your body begins undergoing hormonal changes, and your breasts are particularly sensitive to them. Surges in progesterone and hCG increase blood flow, which can make your breasts feel different -- they may feel sore, tender, tingly, or heavy. Mine felt an odd combination of sore/tingly.

So how will you know if your sore boobs = a baby on the way?

Sore breasts alone may not mean you're pregnant. But if you've missed your period, have sore breasts, AND are experiencing other symptoms (such as fatigue, nausea, headaches, or cramping), then it's time to test.

Did you have sore breasts in early pregnancy? Even before you tested?


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