Is It Safe? Painting Your Nails


getting nail done while pregnant is it safeI love having my nails painted. It's a girly-girl thing that I completely enjoy and, if my life weren't so crazy with two little kids, I'd keep them painted all the time.

Pre-kids, I did keep up with pedicures, whether I went out for an inexpensive one or did it myself at home. But when I got pregnant, I wondered if it was still safe to paint my nails -- with all of those chemicals and fumes.... And I've noticed a few moms-to-be around here wondering the same thing.

I came across an article that addresses all sorts of preggo pampering questions, including painting your nails, and the bottom line is, it's fine!

Although polish does contain some harsh chemicals, your nail beds don't absorb them and there's never been any danger or risk of birth defects linked to having your nails painted. Still, because of the chemicals, you should make sure you're in a space that's well ventilated.

And if you want to pick a polish that's lower on the bad chemicals, try Nubar -- it's formaldehyde-, toulene-, and phthalate-free.

As my belly got bigger and my toes felt farther and farther away -- bye-bye, there they went! -- I did treat myself to a couple of pedicures, one shortly before I delivered. It was heaven.

What about you? Do you keep up with your normal beauty treatments while PG or have you made some adjustments?

is it safe


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madam... madamekatekate

I stopped dying my hair.

I know it's considered safe by most now but with everyone who kept telling me not to do it, I got paranoid.

And I'd really like to do it now. But whaddya know ive gotta baby in utero.

CherB... CherBearCM

I waited until I was 12 weeks before I dyed the gray out of my hair.  I need to go again but just haven't gotten around to it.  As for painting nails it's not something I bother with except for sometimes in the summer so I haven't bothered with it.

Jaime... JaimesWife

I stopped getting my acrylics done when we started to ttc again, and only color my "roots" when I find out that I am not pg, about every other month.  Another alternative to having your hair colored is getting foils, that way, the chemicals/dye does'nt touch your scalp!

wirel... wirelessbubbles

With my first I didn't dye my hair, but with this one I'm going to because I found out that the ammonia in the dye is equivelant to what you would inhale from washing 1 window. The ammonia is what is supposedly "dangerous", so I'm not worried at all about that amount of it.

Chugi... Chugiak_Mom

Psh, I never stopped getting my nails done.  I don't chew my nails or huff anything so I wasn't harming my daughter at all.  She was born healthy.

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