Maternity Leave: How Long Will You Take?

maternity leaveThat's a picture of my daughter right around the time I had to go back to work after my maternity leave. I was lucky to have a full 12 paid weeks, because it's definitely not a given, but some moms don't take that much even if it's an option.


A lawyer friend of mine was willingly back at work a month after giving birth. And Rachita Dati, the justice minister of France, just returned to work five days after having her daughter. Personally, I cannot imagine that feeling right for me. I started nervously ticking off the days of mat leave I had left on the calendar from the day my second child was born (I was able to stay home with my first for a nice, long stint.)

But every mom is different and so is every situation.

How long do you plan to take for maternity leave? And what do you think about Rachita Dati returning to work in less than a week?


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