Biggest Pregnancy Fears

pregnancy fears I mentioned yesterday how I wasn't always the happiest pregnant person -- I was anxious all the time about whether or not something would be wrong with my baby. That was definitely my biggest pregnancy fear -- even more so than labor and delivery!

But every mama-to-be is different....

Advertisement has a side show on the Top 12 Pregnancy Fears (and Why You Shouldn't Worry) that I think is great because it not only highlights the common concerns that pregnant moms have, but it also gives you some reassuring stats on why things will most likely be OK.

Are you worried about miscarrying? According to the slide show, fewer than 20 percent of pregnancies end in miscarriage, which means your odds of giving birth to a healthy baby are 80+ percent. The numbers are overwhelmingly in your favor.

Other topics (with relaxing facts) include fear that morning sickness will never end, anxiety over getting through labor and delivery, and worry that you'll eat or drink something that will harm the baby.

What's your biggest pregnancy fear? Share your concerns with other moms here.

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