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Fortune-Telling Book of Names, $10,


I absolutely loved thinking about baby names when we were having our babies -- something about mulling over the endless possibilities was so fun and satisfying to me.

I just came across a book on Cool Mom Picks (thanks for the head's up!) that I wish I'd had when I was pregnant. In fact, I may just have to get it anyway.

It's called The Fortune-Telling Book of Names, and the names included come with personalized fortunes of health and happiness. As Liz at Cool Mom Picks said in her post, "Are they legit? Who cares!" Sounds like fun to me, and I'd love to hear what the future holds for Jasper and Magnolia.

Get ideas for names and see what other CafeMom moms are naming their babies with the Baby Name Finder.

What's your source of baby naming inspiration?

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Proud... ProudMami2008

I named my son after my Dad, but for my next child I will probably look at a baby name book.

Katie... KatieCrandall

Our son was named after my Dad and my husband, and our plans for our other children's names just came from things we'd heard.  I did buy a fun baby name book, though: Names Your Child Can Live With (including names that are Tried and True, Slightly Daring, and Living On the Edge).  We bought it because we wanted to see what the different names meant; we believe that a person should be able to choose how unique they want to be, not stuck standing out because Mom and Dad wanted an "interesting" name.

aenima49 aenima49

Uh right now I am relying on random emails from my best friend with names listed, since DH & I exhausted every resource for years trying to come up with one and can't!

Serafyna Serafyna

My husband and I usually do a mix of website browsing for baby names, book reviewing and tossing around family name ideas.  Generally, we go to the hospital with a list and wait until we've met our newest addition to see what name "fits."  With our son, now 10 days old, we had a list but no name we really loved and my husband met him and blurted out, "He looks like a Joshua."  It wasn't even on our list.  So a mix of research and emotional inspiration.

nonmember avatar babies names

Woooowwww, finnally I find that I need.....

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