Do You Ever Hate Being Pregnant?


pregnand and miserable hate being pregnant

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I'll admit it -- I didn't love every minute of being pregnant. I was worried that something would be wrong with the baby -- really worried -- and the constant concern made me anxious, stressed, and sometimes just less happy than I thought I'd be. I wouldn't say I was pregnant and miserable, but for some moms that's just the way it is. It's not all glowing skin and maternal bliss. With the symptoms, the hormones and emotions, the discomfort -- It's lousy.

No judgements, of course, 'cause we all know that every woman experiences pregnancy differently. I read an honest post in Pregnancy from a mom who said she didn't like to complain and she certainly loved the end result, but that she just really didn't like being pregnant. She kind of hates it and she wondered if others felt the same.

Responses were mixed. Some moms said they totally felt the same way, some said they genuinely loved being pregnant, and some reported that it was up and down for them -- loved it one day and hated it the next.

What about you? Do you ever hate being pregnant?



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anyoke anyoke

The first two were great, easy, and hardly any symptons. The last one, I hated ever second of it. The "fat" feeling, cramps, sick all the time, and I could not wait until it was over.

lvnmy... lvnmygrlz

I'd have to say I hated the first 16 weeks due to constant morning/noon/night sickness that I was medicated for, but the middle 2 months were the best and then I hated  months 7,8,&9 So It was kinda mixed for me...I would do it again a 3rd time if we decide later to, but I dont know....

litls... litlsuzzy

I generally don't like it . I'm nauseaus, overly sensitive to smell and emotions, disinterested in sex, sleepy all the time, hungry when I don't want to vomit, sore, and since I'm already overweight getting bigger is not really what I want. I have never lost any baby weight after my kids were born. the only good thing about being prego is my SO does the dishes and I get a baby in the end.

Welsh... WelshWishing

I remember loving being pregnant with the first 3, but with this one...not as much. My hardest part is when I have to go to the bathroom in the middle of night..I can stand up, but I have to stand there for a minute because it hurts so much to move. By morning, usually better again. I never had morning sickness until this time either, but it sure hit hard this time around. Luckily we decided before I was pregnant this would be the last, because I don't think I'd want to do it again.

tempt... temptationsgirl

I hated it the first time. I had night sickness for 3 months. Then everytime I went to the doctor for check-ups they always ran tests and I always had something whether it was an infection of sort to something else. I also had to take progesterone shots for 3 months so I didn't miscarry. Then at 6 months I got a kidney stone. So yeah I'd say I hated it. The second time was a little easier but still had to take the progesterone so I didn't miscarry, but still didn't care for the whole thing very much. Labor was ok with both as I was only in it for 5 hours or so with no epideral or any drugs.

Pauli... Pauline3283

I don't have any major complaints.  After 37/38 weeks I start to get antsy and uncomfy but aside from that pregnancy is a breeze.

orcamom orcamom

I hated the constant heart burn/indigestion i had with both of my girls preg. 

babyb... babyboomboom

I hated being pregnant but part of that was because my ex left me, because he didn't want to have a kid.  I was unemployed because I got fired for taking too many 'sick' days(I had to go to the OB once a month during the first trimester and then every other week in the second trimester and then it was every week in the third trimester) and then at 6months pregnant I got put on bed rest.  So I was alone and unemployed, living off food stamps, cash assistance and medicaid and it sucked.  I hated every minute of it.  That experience actually made me question ever being pregnant again.

ibebr... ibebreezy

i love my daughter and my son thats oming soon BUT I HATE BEING PREGANT! there is nothing enjoyable about it what so ever for me.  a lot of people on here think that in order to love your kids you have to like being pregnant but i just don't get that.

Lillette Lillette

i didnt like being pregnant all that much.....i was sick the whole time and achy and just not a very happy person but i would certainly do it again.....

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