Do You Ever Hate Being Pregnant?


pregnand and miserable hate being pregnant

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I'll admit it -- I didn't love every minute of being pregnant. I was worried that something would be wrong with the baby -- really worried -- and the constant concern made me anxious, stressed, and sometimes just less happy than I thought I'd be. I wouldn't say I was pregnant and miserable, but for some moms that's just the way it is. It's not all glowing skin and maternal bliss. With the symptoms, the hormones and emotions, the discomfort -- It's lousy.

No judgements, of course, 'cause we all know that every woman experiences pregnancy differently. I read an honest post in Pregnancy from a mom who said she didn't like to complain and she certainly loved the end result, but that she just really didn't like being pregnant. She kind of hates it and she wondered if others felt the same.

Responses were mixed. Some moms said they totally felt the same way, some said they genuinely loved being pregnant, and some reported that it was up and down for them -- loved it one day and hated it the next.

What about you? Do you ever hate being pregnant?



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smtwn... smtwngrl_27

In the first trimester of all of my children it is the same. I feel sick and tired all of the time and extremly moody.  I am about 5 weeks along with my 4th and very last baby. I hope it is like all of my other children that during the middle of the pregnancy I start to feel normal again. Or atleast somewhat normal. I never lost all of the weight from my last 2 babies and we are doing it again. I am trying to eat healthier tho so that maybe this weight will come off this time.

super... superwoman8977

I am 39 weeks and I have hated weeks 36 til now.  I just want it over, my kids have a habit of not leaving the womb and so they have to be induced, etc which drives me nuts.  So here we go again I am so glad this is the last time....

rayne.75 rayne.75

ironically, i enjoyed my first pregnancy it wasnt that bad at all and i was only 15 yrs old. but this time around its alot harder on my body and i cant wait til i have the baby. i am always cranky and hateful towards everything.

cilth... ciltheartsmjp

ugh...I do not like being pregnant. I feel fat, I'm super hormonal, and I had horrible morning sickness the first trimester. On top of that, people say stupid things like,"I figured you were pregnant because your face is getting fat." It's nothing like in the movies where the pregnant women are told that they are glowing and that they are beautiful. I'm sure she'll be worth it, but for the moment, I'm disgruntled.

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