Do You Ever Hate Being Pregnant?


pregnand and miserable hate being pregnant

Photo by MegChristine (This cutie's just feeling

a little frustrated....)

I'll admit it -- I didn't love every minute of being pregnant. I was worried that something would be wrong with the baby -- really worried -- and the constant concern made me anxious, stressed, and sometimes just less happy than I thought I'd be. I wouldn't say I was pregnant and miserable, but for some moms that's just the way it is. It's not all glowing skin and maternal bliss. With the symptoms, the hormones and emotions, the discomfort -- It's lousy.

No judgements, of course, 'cause we all know that every woman experiences pregnancy differently. I read an honest post in Pregnancy from a mom who said she didn't like to complain and she certainly loved the end result, but that she just really didn't like being pregnant. She kind of hates it and she wondered if others felt the same.

Responses were mixed. Some moms said they totally felt the same way, some said they genuinely loved being pregnant, and some reported that it was up and down for them -- loved it one day and hated it the next.

What about you? Do you ever hate being pregnant?



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pinkt... pinktiara54

You know that some people talk about the "glow" of a pregnant woman?  The only glow I have ever had was from throwing up too much!  I HATE being pregnant!!  i am not myself for 9 months.  I had a nervous brreakdown when i was pregnant with my oldest child.  I go through a long period of prenatal depression. 

Ardel... Ardell118

I dont like being pregnant that much because im always sick

antig... antigravity_x

I love being pregnant!

That is, until the inability to sleep because of heartburn, leg cramps, numbness and pain in my hips kicks in.

Oh, and the itchy skin, tender breasts that are doing weird things, sciatic nerve pains and the fact that I can't see my hoohaa anymore...

But I love feeling her move and rubbing on my belly and talking to her. I love knowing that I'm growing a person in there and get so excited when it comes to meeting her....

So, for me, it is up and down. Just depends on how much she hates me that day :]

MegCh... MegChristine

yes that was my little man bein frustrated in the picture. Yes sometimes motherhood isn't all great and the little tyke does get frustrated. I remember being pregnant and being scared that i wasn't goin to be a great mom. But everytime i look at him it all makes it worthwhile. So no, its not easy and there are goin to be times that you don't feel like you made the right choice. But give it a couple minutes and i guaruntee that your kid will make you full of smiles. and erase all the doubt you had. Good luck new mommies!

termi... termit2001

 i hated the 1st trimester and now I'm playing the waing game of when she will get here with my first I was so miserable but with this one it hasnt been too bad

RanaA... RanaAurora

Who DOESN't hate it at some point?  This time, I hated the first trimester.  Lost 14 pounds because I was so exhausted and nauseous that I barely ate anything.

Arave... Araven281

My first 2 were for the most part nice and relatively easy but this 3rd has been HORRIBLE!!!!  My youngest is 6yrs so it has been a while but I have every symptom in the book multiplied by 3 it seems.  I am in the gawky 17 week mark but I am already bigger then I was with the first 2!!!  Out come the streachie pants..  UGH!!  I was able to wear the same size jeans all the way from conception through going home with the first 2..  Not so lucky here..  I ache and am feeling really fat all the tiem now.  I can go on and on and on..  So no you are not the only one who really dosen't like to be preg.  But at least I get a baby out of this..

brian... brianax0o

i am 23 weeks & 3 days pregnant with my first baby, i wouldn't say that i completley hate being pregnant, there are times i love it and times i'm just blah about it. pregnancy is a beautifull thing and in the end you've experianced so much and you get an amazing child out of it all .

Crist... CristaJordan

Im going into my 7 month. I started feeling miserable starting my 6th month because that was when I started getting bigger.

I can say  I want this kid out.!

rosem... rosemapose0208

I am due next Friday with our first and have felt so guilty through the whole pregnancy because I really haven't enjoyed any of it.  To be honest, I've absolutely hated it.  I can't wait to have our daughter and it hasn't been a difficult pregnancy physically so I couldn't really figure out why I was so miserable.  Finally, I realized it was because I am such an active person normally and usually in really good health so to deal with constant aches & pains, the symptoms, and the fatigue...I just became a completely different person that I wasn't prepared for.  I'm sure I'll do it again b/c it's worth it in the end but it's definitely not my favorite experience!   

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