Weekly Pregnancy Calendar: Week 17


weekly pregancy calendar week 17

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I'm following a first-time pregnant mom, 19-year-old bam61907, on her exciting journey from bump to baby. Check back every Wednesday for the latest developments!

Week 17

What's Happening with Mom: I've had lots of aches and pains this week. No more trips to the E.R., thank goodness, but I am still experiencing the cramping -- mild sometimes but then pretty uncomfortable other times. I guess it's more of the stretching out in my abdomen or the growth spurt the E.R. doctor mentioned. I've also had headaches from hell -- nothing seems to work.

Last night I had a dream we were at the ultrasound to find out the sex....


... and in the dream it was clear that we were having a little girl! We'll have to wait a couple more weeks to see if the dream comes true, unless my midwife does an ultrasound at my next prenatal appointment, which I'm just about to have. I'm so excited to find out the gender!

I'm pretty certain I've been feeling the baby move -- it's just sudden, light flutters. It feels really cool but also a little weird because they seem so random and light. I'm looking forward to the big movements and kicks!

I've been having trouble sleeping, primarily because of the headaches -- they literally wake me up in the middle of the night -- and because I have to pee like CRAZY!

I haven't really been eating all that much, but as for random cravings, orange soda has been sounding sooo good!

I'm finally starting to get a hard little baby bump, but not much of one -- I still haven't bought maternity clothes yet.

What's Happening with Baby: I'm about five inches long now, or about the size of two generous lemons sitting together side by side. The bones of my skeleton are becoming harder and I'm rounding out a bit with stores of body fat. I can hear loud noises and my movements are becoming stronger.

Question of the Week from Pregnancy:

I've had a horrible headache since yesterday. I couldn't even sleep because of it! Anyone have any ideas about what might help? -- priincessz

I've had one, too! Talk to your doctor, but all you can really do is take Tylenol. -- Beth8329

Heat at the base of my skull helps me -- hot water or a heating pad. -- ToshaE

Try a little caffeine. If that or some Tylenol doesn't help, call your doctor. I got terrible headaches in my second trimester and my doctor prescribed something and it worked WONDERS. -- SuperMommy0212

Are you in your second trimester? Is your experience similar to Brittany's? Share your thoughts and questions here.

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