A Good Excuse to Eat Cake

chocolate cake day

Photo by LelandsMommy

You're pregnant, so you already have the ultimate excuse to indulge in a big ol' slice of chocolate cake, but if you're looking for another one, you're in luck. Tomorrow is officially Chocolate Cake Day.


Now, I'm not sure what makes it official -- I think it may just be something dreamed up by eCard companies -- but if it's on the Internet it must be true. And so many preggos crave chocolate -- I say, make the most of the day!

If you're looking for an awesome chocolate cake recipe, consult baking moms in Cake 101 (it's a private group, so you'll need to join before browsing for recipes.) Or if you're feeling more in a cupcake mood, check out Cafe Kim's post Cupcakes Make Mom's Life Easier.

And tell me, is chocolate your pregnancy vice?


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