Is It Safe? Drinking Soda While Pregnant


drinking soda while pregnantI have a friend with a pretty major addiction (or at least very sincere love of) cold, caffeinated, fizzy, soda beverages. Popping the top on a bottle is how she typically begins her day. No coffee -- it's all about the soda.

So when she became pregnant, she wasn't sure what to do. Kick the soda, or keep up the habit?

She tried quitting, but it wasn't pretty -- headaches and extreme grouchiness ensued. We all know that sugary caffeinated beverages aren't the cornerstone of any good, healthy diet, whether you're pregnant or not. But if sodas are a real sacrifice for you, what to do? Do you have to give them up?

(See what Cafe Cynthia has to say about toddlers drinking soda.)

new.mommie.8.19 asked in Answers if it was OK to drink soda while pregnant. Here's what moms had to say:

"Soda is fine, but limit your intake because of the caffeine." -- Mommy2B04

"When you're talking caffeine, it's sodas, coffee, everything. With my first, I avoided it all. By the third, I drank coffee and Dr. Pepper -- but not too much. You want to watch your sugar to avoid gestational diabetes." -- Jan40

"I tried to cut out soda with my first pregnancy but I got really bad headaches. My doctor told me that it's fine to drink it as long as it's in moderation" -- Manda 62007

Most experts tend to agree that a small amount of caffeine (no more than one or two cups a day) is probably fine if you have no history of miscarriage or preterm labor -- though there is conflicting research and the topic is always under debate.

Talk to your doctor about what he thinks is safe when it comes to consuming caffeine.

Did you give up soda while pregnant, or did you have the occasional sip?

is it safe


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mommy... mommyof1262

She can try caffeine free. Taste just the same.


miran... mirandasunshine

yeah i agree. i stick to caffeine free and/or diet. coka-cola, mountain dew, & dr pepper all have these varities & maybe more brands, i'm not sure. i have an occasional regular soda when in a restaurant or something, but i try to shy away from caffeine. as for coffee, just stick to decaf.

madam... madamekatekate

It was hard for me with my first baby to stay away from caffiene but I did my best. I did have headaches at first and plenty of grouchiness but I managed to stick it out---miraculously.

My doctor told me if I really felt like I "needed" (Yes, he did his fingers like quotation marks around it, lol) it, I could have a glass but that's it.

I don't think she has to keep away completely unless her doctor absolutely forbids it. If I were her I'd ask her doctor to see what he/she says. It's different with every woman and every pregnancy.

Also...With my first and my current pergnancy, I drank a lot of water to help counteract the headaches. Cleans me out pretty good...Even if it does keep me within 20 feet of a bathroom at all times.

RanaA... RanaAurora

Yes, you can drink soda while you're pregnant.  She just needs to limit her caffeine.

I drink about two Pepsis a day right now.

antig... antigravity_x

I'll have a soda maybe once a week - which is damn good, since I was drinking a 12 pack of diet coke a day before I got pregnant.

I somehow manged to stave off the headaches and grouchiness when I quit drinking soda cold turkey, and now I'll just have one when it sounds really good [Barq's Root Beer has become so delicious these days]

lizma... lizmarie1975

With my first child, I gave up coffee & soda.  If I was craving a carbonated beverage I would have caffeine free.

With my second child, I drank coffee but no soda.

This is my third pregnancy, and I'll switch it up.  If I have a cup of coffee I won't drink soda.  But if I skip coffee I MIGHT be inclined to have soda later in the day.

princ... princesspalace

With my first daughter I completely cut out caffeine- no pop (not even caffeine-free) or coffee!  With my 2nd I relaxed about it a little and mainly drank caffeine-free pops like Sprite or 7-up and every once in awhile I'd have a little Dr. Pepper- one of my faves, but still no coffee.  I think with baby #3 I'd indulge myself occasionally and have a cup of coffee.  But I'm not really a caffeine junky to begin with so it wasn't really hard for me to cut out. 

kayna... kaynadjaysmom28

When I was pregnant both times with my kids I drank soft drink once a day and other times of the day I would drink maybe juice or water.

kaysha kaysha

or just limit the caffine intake. I know that with me being pregnant, I have 1 cup of coffee in the mornings and up to (no more then) 2 cans of soda (usually dr pepper) per day. this is way under what i was at.

gilch... gilchrist77

I was a serious caffeine drinker (like 4-5 mountain dews a day) when I became pregnant with my first.Never coffee...just sodas!!! I tried to cut them out completely and it was awful, the headaches were killer..tell her to try cutting down by substituing one caffeine-free soda in its place per day each day and then gradually increasing it until she is only drinking 1-2 caffeine sodas per day....and tell her to keep the tylenol handy:)  I drank 1-2 caffeine drinks per day  with both of my previous pregnancies and they both turned out perfect... 

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